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Resource to be exchanged for Cubits.
Exchange Rate: 5 Water:1 Cubit

Water is a resource which can only be obtained by mining asteroids and planetoids. It may then exchanged for Cubits. The exchange rate is 1 cubit for every 5 units of water.

Water can only be exchanged by talking to any of the following:



When exchanging Water, a maximum of 280,000 units of water can be exchanged in 1 week, after the week is over, the water exchange limit resets to 0, allowing water to be exchanged again if the limit was met.


Ice FarmerEdit

"Frozen water, better known as Ice. Water is one of the principle elements of life and Humanity's future depends on a constant supply of H20 - in any form available. Space being cold and deadly, it usually doesn't come in neat bottles, but the fleet pays well nonetheless."

Level Title Objective Experience
1 Ice Farmer Mine 1,000 Water
2 Ice Rigger Mine 3,000 Water
3 Ice Collector Mine 10,000 Water
4 Ice Assessor Mine 30,000 Water
5 Ice Engineer Mine 100,000 Water

Update HistoryEdit

Originally water was exchanged for Tylium until the Update of 14 April 2011 where the exchange of water gave players Cubits instead of Tylium.

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