Summer: Yea I know its a bit late to be yelling about that its summer and that now we can relax but, now we have a wonderful oportunity to work on our wiki. We have already made great leaps in getting a nicer looking frontpage, worked a bit on the adv ship pages. We still have a problem, not enough users want to be on this website. why? Do they not like the formatting? As always feel free to post your ideas and comments at the bottom of this blog post.

Staff Name colors:

I suggest adding coloring to the names of the staff, admins could have one color such as green, mods yellow and rollbackers orange. With the color coding users will be able to know that the users with a certain color have more power and they can seek assistance from them.


This wiki seems anemic on the ammount of users its getting, this is very bad for the health of this wiki. We need to activley recruit more people and add special promotions for comepleting pages or helping out around the wiki. On of the possible promotions could be a free gamecard for use in battlestar. As always people will want free stuff and this is a surefire way to get tons of people to join and work.

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