Ok there has been a lot of activity in the last couple of months to update this wiki, so I thought I'd start us a blog so we know where we are in mid-2015.

I can confirm that, statistics wise, all Colonial and all Cylon Ship stats are up to date as at 23 February 2015.

Additionally, I have added pages on each of the star systems in the Veil Sector. All the pages have maps of the old 2D version created in 2012-2013. I'm adding more up to date shots taken from the new 3D system maps to each page as I have time. the #d maps were created in April and May 2015.

I have created apage about daily assignments. This is up to dayte as at 23 May 2015.

There is a page listing the in game skills. Thius is up to date as at 23 May 2015.

Finally, a new page detailing what the Freighter in Distress Dynamic Missions (FIDS)  and the Drone Incursion missions are ones I aim to do. I have started the FID page and it is about 70% complete. I'm yet to start the one on the drone incursion mission.

So to do:

  1. Check and update Cylon Ships stats (excluding those mentioned above). (Completed)
  2. Find images of the systems slots of the unadvanced Cylon carrier (i.e. Surtur). (Completed)
  3. Create pages for the remaining star systems in the game, or add extra info to existing pages. (Completed).
  4. Update the info on Daily Assignments. (Completed).
  5. Update the Skills page with the in game descriptions of each skill listed. (Completed)
  6. Create a page about the Freighter in Distress Dynamic Mission. (In progress)
  7. Create a page about the Drone Incursion dynamic mission.
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