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  • New Roosterman

    As our Bureaucrats and Administrators on this wiki seem to be predominantly dormant, I am looking into adopting this wiki. For information on what I propose to do, and if you wish to express any views, please read this thread in this wiki's forum and post any comments there. Thank you.

    New Roosterman (talk) 01:06, March 19, 2015 (UTC)

    Following due consideration, our only active Administrator, Pawn0 o, has submitted a request to adopt this wiki. AS the only other active user editing/contributing to this wiki I thoroughly endorse and support his adoption request.

    New Roosterman (talk) 03:24, March 31, 2015 (UTC)

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  • New Roosterman

    Ok there has been a lot of activity in the last couple of months to update this wiki, so I thought I'd start us a blog so we know where we are in mid-2015.

    I can confirm that, statistics wise, all Colonial and all Cylon Ship stats are up to date as at 23 February 2015.

    Additionally, I have added pages on each of the star systems in the Veil Sector. All the pages have maps of the old 2D version created in 2012-2013. I'm adding more up to date shots taken from the new 3D system maps to each page as I have time. the #d maps were created in April and May 2015.

    I have created apage about daily assignments. This is up to dayte as at 23 May 2015.

    There is a page listing the in game skills. Thius is up to date as at 23 May 2015.

    Finally, a new page det…

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