Hey all, after some minor peer pressure I've decided to do a weekly blog to help my 'Staff' know what needs doing on the wiki. So this is it, a list of things to do this week and over the weekend.

  • The main thing that needs is that the ship pages need completing and pictures need taking. I spent a good 16 hours getting all those pages created with information, so I needs you all to keep the pages to the basic template I created. Not the type of template with code, but what it should look like is that your first paragraph should be a description of the ship in your own words. People love to read others opinions on a ship (all edits to it should first be directed on the talk page, then after confirmation from us lot the edit is made, ONLY to the first paragraph any other edits don't require confirmation, please remember this). Your second paragraph should the official description in Italics as it makes it seems like its a quote...which it is. :P. Your third should be the pre-set systems you get when you buy the ship. After that a gallery if needed and then the Ship infobox to the right (put template at the top of the writing). At the bottom should be the template that lists the ships.

That should be all of it, please do the same for the Advanced Ship pages, but do not copy the information and if you don't know something (such as the official description) then just write in Italics, Information not available.

Thats what needs doing this week, I'l put somthing new next week, if you guys get finished.

Thanks for reading


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