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  • EmeraldWolf

    Hey all, after some minor peer pressure I've decided to do a weekly blog to help my 'Staff' know what needs doing on the wiki. So this is it, a list of things to do this week and over the weekend.

    • The main thing that needs is that the ship pages need completing and pictures need taking. I spent a good 16 hours getting all those pages created with information, so I needs you all to keep the pages to the basic template I created. Not the type of template with code, but what it should look like is that your first paragraph should be a description of the ship in your own words. People love to read others opinions on a ship (all edits to it should first be directed on the talk page, then after confirmation from us lot the edit is made, ONLY to t…
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  • EmeraldWolf


    April 27, 2012 by EmeraldWolf

    Hey folks,

    I'm going to be posting a thread on the forums asking for more information on AI, such as amount of weapons and level weapons, to be used on the wiki. Until they respond please create small tables on each ship page outlining the AI(name, health and power).



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  • EmeraldWolf


    March 16, 2012 by EmeraldWolf

    300 Edits at long last. Justing writing to say thanks tp Anitha and co for there hard work on the wiki.

    This wiki realy could go somewhere.

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  • EmeraldWolf

    Wiki Progress

    February 10, 2012 by EmeraldWolf

    Hey I'm just writing this to say that the wiki has a bit more work to do before it gets anywhere so lets get some editors...

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