Avatar: Pawnishere


Faction: Colonial

Ship class: Aesir,line

Wing: Feds

If you see me ingame please say hi. 99probs.png

About me[edit | edit source]

I am an editor on wikia,I work tirelessly to keep the wikia clean of vandalism and to make sure the content is up to date and readily available. You can find me on aquaria as Pawnishere(colonial). If your a cylon then prepare for a boatload of nukes! Keep your chin up colonials :D Over the summer my task will be to work on the wiki and to make sure its code is kept up to standard. Im afraid I cant give details about my location or other stuff(for the sake of anonimity). If you need anything my co-workers can point you in the right direction.

well aren't I lucky

 pawn0_o  Message  Contribs  Battlestar Galactica Online   21:45,5/30/2012 

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