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  • I live in Bradford, England
  • I was born on February 26
  • My occupation is Dole Dosser
  • I am Male


How do you do? My name is EmeraldWolf and I've been a Wikia member since late 2009 under a seperate alias (TeriffiedToxic). I spent a substantial amount of time at the start helping to restore Quake Wiki with my good friend Raadec and with plenty of other appreciated help (DeathStalker666, the god of edits). Anyway after being satisfied with what I left with and leaving Quake Wiki in capable hands I started this wiki over 2 years ago to help create a wiki worth actaully reading through (I dislike the other 'wiki' due to it being more incomplete than this one, doesn't stop me from 'borrowing assets' >->). I left after a while (I spent 40 hours on making the wiki what it is, and whilst I was gone other users helped keep the wiki up to date, THANKS guys!) and I am on hiatus from BSGO until BP can make PvP more fair for lower levels and add more things to do. However I am currently on break from college going to university so I will be around editing things here and there. Feel free to leave to leave a message if you require some help.

And for your interest, i'm British.

In-Game Name: EmeraldWolf (Aerlion and Scorpia).

Race: Colonial, Cylon.

Login Name:JimBobJack (I was bored, hush)

Server: Aerlion, Scorpia.

Ships: Viper, Raptor, Maul, Scythe, Raider, along with many more

Ship Names: LSNR_WARWolf_6, LNSR_WARWolf_Transport_1, Big_Momma, Blade, Scar, along with many more

Clan: Lonestars (Closed)

Planned ProjectsEdit

  • Create video/commentarys to help nuggets.
  • Edit all ship pages making sure they are correct.
  • Have a constantly updated news page for the game on the frontpage (with link to the official Forum/Thread).
  • Make sure all pages have better pictures.
  • Create all Advanced Ship Pages. Good job to other users for doing this for me.
  • Add more sections to ALL ship pages to make them more readable (adding tips, etc) ATM they are just basic descriptions and don't really say anything other than what BP tells us. I want this wiki to have a more user friendly touch so I will get around to this at some point.

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