Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 46 - Intermediate Landing

8 October 2014

This release will contain overhauled tooltips, sector and balancing adjustments as well as docking cut scenes.

Additionally we improved the defense of FID events and outposts.



  • Switched all tooltips to the new UI style
  • Added a functionality to show a level 15 stat comparison by pressing Shift
  • Collapsed information to improve readability
    • (e.g. min and max damage got collapsed to damage and show min and max as range; e.g. 1-10)​
  • Added DPS values on weaponry
  • Added more information into the space tooltip

Cut scenesEdit

  • Docking at the Basestar and the Galactica got improved visualization by showing a docking scene​
  • Added the “Drone Incursion” event as standard dynamic mission
  • Missiles explode now when they collide with planetoids
  • Expanded the asteroid collision to strikes and escorts


  • Nukes have their own ‘missile alert’ icon now
  • The assignment tracker collapses if a dynamic mission is active in the sector
  • Merit consumables are sellable now
  • Texture details on Hel and Fenrir have been improved
  • Tutorial missions have shown general achievement messages – e.g. killed 1/10 raiders
    • We disabled them in the tutorial as they have been irritating to new users following the tutorial steps​

Dynamic MissionsEdit

  • Relocated to the center (4000m above and below) in all sectors as they were often interacting with other game entities
  • More randomized respawn timers
  • FIDs can now also be triggered for the opposite faction​

Sector AdjustmentsEdit

  • Improved water distribution in some starting sectors
  • Reduced NPC Spawn in Imsidia and Anachron as the amount was overwhelming to new users
  • Based on community feedback we have repositioned several misplaced space objects – this contains:
    • FIDs too close to outposts or freighter routes​
    • Player spawn close to FID trigger zones
    • FID positions being in favor to the outpost of one faction
    • Asteroids collapsed with other asteroids/planetoids
    • Platforms collapsed with planetoids
    • Platforms attacking each other
    • Platforms to close to NPC spawns
    • Containers far away from debris fields
    • Planetoids (Mines) within OP turret range​
  • In some sectors there are still entities close to each other for diversity and tactical reasons, but in most cases we adjusted several locations to improve the user experience

Balancing AdjustmentsEdit

  • Increased accuracy on all escort guns from 325 to 335
  • Improved critical defense on all dynamic mission freighters, outposts and outpost platforms
  • Increased HP on outposts from 30.000 to 50.000
  • Increased visual range on outposts from 300m to 1200m


  • Increased power from 300 to 330
  • Increased power recovery from 11 to 12​

Advanced Glaive/SpectreEdit

  • Increased power from 300 to 350
  • Increased power recovery from 12 to 15​


  • Increased power from 500 to 650
  • Increased power recovery from 25 to 28​

Advanced Vanir/HelEdit

  • Increased power from 750 to 900
  • Increased power recovery from 25 to 30


  • Fixed an issue where platforms didn’t drop cubits anymore
  • Removed several typos in the FID Dynamic mission text
  • Fixed the counter for registered users on the website


  • Fixed an issue with missing outposts
  • Fixed an issue with missing FID symbol on the galaxy map
  • Drone Incursion will count for the RCP assignment for players above level 21
  • Weakened initial attack spawn at FID events
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic missions in sector Calibaan
  • Mini-nukes are also sellable now
  • Adjusted the planetoid collision volume which overlapped with some mining ships

As we got several reports about reduced stats on systems, we want to clarify this – there hasn’t been an adjustment on systems which were not mentioned in the patch notes. We disabled bonuses (such as skills) from the ship/shop view so it’s easier to compare real values between systems in your ship and your hold/shop.

While in space you can see the full stats including active bonuses on the ability tooltips by hovering your mouse over the systems.

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