Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 45 - Adjustments 2

3 September 2014

Hello pilots,

This release will contain the reintroduction of faction specific UI colors as the turquoise style didn’t meet our expectations. Most HUD elements will share a common style now. The update also contains several bugfixes and improvements.


  • The Gladiator/Echidna EX computer system for strikes, escorts and line ships is now available in the shop
    • New ability icon for Gladiator/Echidna computer system in space
  • HUD elements overhauled with faction based UI style
  • Added a new functionality to the assignment tracker to highlight one assignment in the minimized tracker


  • Fixed an issue in the collision system which could make an object rocket off with high speed after getting stuck in another object
  • Fixed a bug in the accuracy calculation of mining guns
  • Fixed the minimize function for the loot window
  • Fixed a bug where the left ctrl key didn’t work for shortcuts


  • Updated the short description for the divine inspiration as it overlapped with the amount
  • Updated the lighting and the planetoid texture in the colonial starting sector
  • Small local improvements in German language
  • Correct local for all languages in bottom HUD icons
  • Direct access to the full screen icon
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