Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 42 - Carrier

17 July 2014

This release will contain the redesign of the capital class with an overhauled item set and an advanced version.

The update will also contain an asteroid collision updates for Line and Capital class ships as well as a new jump transponder system for the command ships.



  • New Slot Design
  • New System Design
    • New Systems
    • Rebalanced Systems
    • Removed Systems
    • New Slots
    • New Effects & Sounds
    • Pricing Overhaul​
  • 400,000 Cubits & 90,000 Merits for the basic version
  • 250,000 Cubits & 50,000 Merits for the advanced version
  • Unified upgrade costs for new carrier systems
    • New Paints
    • Advanced Carrier Version
    • New Role Ability
    • Promotionals
      • An advanced carrier version for all existing carrier owners
      • A special basic carrier offer to all pilots above level 40​
  • Carrier Item Conversion
    • All old carrier systems will be refunded in Tuning Kits, so players can rebuild there progress on a new system
    • Consumables will be refunded with their buy price​
  • Asteroid Collision Overhaul
    • We adjusted the behaviour, so big ships don’t get stuck in asteroid fields any longer
      • Asteroids will break when they collide with Line ships
      • Asteroids will break when they collide with Capital ships
      • The collision will cause damage to those ships
      • No further effect on Strike and Escort class ships​
  • New Jump Transponder System
    • All command ships (besides carrier) can drop squadron jump beacons
    • Carriers’ OP mode will act like a faction-wide jump beacon
    • Players can jump to beacons/signals without range limitation
    • Old Jump Transponder Systems will be refunded in Tuning Kits as well


  • The Flechette cannon sound has been exchanged
  • Fixed an error with a story mission where players were stuck in the outpost
  • Fixed an issue where the stealth ship was visible from a wider range as intended

With this update we’ll also update the Unity version to 4.5 and therefore every player has to download the latest Unity version.


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