Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 34 - Fortification

6 March 2014

This release will contain new weapon platforms, overhauled sector fortification mechanics and improvements – as well as some bugfixes.


Sector Fortification MechanicsEdit

  • Outpost docking range increased to 1000 meters
  • Faction locked sectors will have an outpost by default
  • New sector notifications will inform players when the sector has reached an upgrade level
  • As players compete for control of the sector, the defenses surrounding the outpost and the outpost itself will improve
  • All Sectors now have 8 upgrade levels​
    • Outposts have three upgrade levels
      • Standard
      • Upgraded
      • Fortified
    • New Sector Fortifications Spawn
      • Light Sentry Platform
      • Medium Sentry Platform
      • Heavy Sentry Platform
        • Level 1: Standard Outpost Ship
        • Level 2: Jump Beacon
        • Level 3: Light Sentry Platform x 2
        • Level 4: Light Sentry Platform x 4
        • Level 5: Medium Sentry Platforms x 2, Light Sentry Platforms x 2, Upgraded Outpost Ship
        • Level 6: Medium Sentry Platforms x 4
        • Level 7: Medium Sentry Platforms x 2, Heavy Sentry Platforms x 2
        • Level 8: Heavy Sentry Platform x 4, Fortified Outpost Ship


  • All torpedoes now have a speed and health buff in order to let them reach their target easier​


  • Escort Torpedo launchers now show the correct maximum range statistics
  • Interdiction missions cannot be started while an automatic DRADIS game is currently active.
  • Player characters will stop walking now when opening a DRADIS contact
  • Missile Launchers will now list the turn speed in the tooltip​
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