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Resource used for Fuel, to purchase ships, items and upgrade equipment.

Tylium is a type of ore and is one form of in game currency, as well as being a resource that can be mined and used as ship fuel. It can be exchanged for items, ammo, equipment upgrades or to purchase ships.

It should be noted if you do not have any tylium, your ship will not be able to use its boosters nor make any FTL jumps.


"Ship fuel that can be exchanged for common items."


Tylium DiggerEdit

"Tylium is what drives the fleet. No Tylium, no future - it's as simple as that. The salvaged ships have a much higher fuel consumption and with the right amount of Tylium you can pretty much buy anything - or anyone."

Level Title Objective Experience
1 Tylium Digger Mine 2,500 Tylium
2 Tylium Rigger Mine 7,500 Tylium
3 Tylium Collector Mine 25,000 Tylium
4 Tylium Assessor Mine 75,000 Tylium
5 Tylium Engineer Mine 250,000 Tylium

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