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Resource required for repairs.

Titanium is a metallic type of resource which is required to repair ship damage by restoring the durability of a ships main hull and its ship equipment.

Titanium can be obtained mainly from mining planetoids or asteroids and when scanned, they appear purple when to designate that Titanium is contained and can be mined to collect the resource. Titanium can also be found as a common reward in the Dradis Contact mini-game, which can be played when docked and can be found as a loot reward from PvP combat.

Mining titanium is one of the assignments given daily (up to level 20). Titles can be also be obtained by completing the Duties related to titanium. Titanium-rich asteroids and planetoids is rarer than Tylium, but more common compared to Water.

Description Edit

"Used to restore Durability, can be exchanged for Tylium."

Costs Edit

  • Purchase cost: Mini Cubit Icon 0.1 Cubits for 1 unit of Titanium
  • Selling cost: Mini Tylium Icon 0.5 Tylium

Assignments Edit

Duties Edit

Titanium MinerEdit

"Men and material suffer greatly from combat fatigue and we can't always use duct tape to whip the old buckets into ready state again. Titanium is the most important material needed for armoring and upgrading our fleet and we must secure it at all costs."

Level Title Objective Experience
1 Titanium Digger Mine 1,000 Titanium
2 Titanium Rigger Mine 3,000 Titanium
3 Titanium Collector Mine 10,000 Titanium
4 Titanium Assessor Mine 30,000 Titanium
5 Titanium Engineer Mine 100,000 Titanium

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