I've had a look around the wiki in my absence, and well I have a sort of mixed emotion. I'm happy to see someone who is happy to work carefree on the wiki but i'm also slightly annoyed. As you can tell (or maybe not) I originally created this wiki to simply make a far better wiki than the other one. I couldn't stand its layout, its complication in making edits and how the information is robotic, no opinon or heart there at all. After a while I created a new account (this one if you didn't guess). So you can sort of say i'm the main admin thingy. I know that sounds really douchy but its is sort of true. I put alot of effort into this wiki, at least over 5 days of work (in total). You can understand my situation when I see the main page has been so drasticlly changed and I didnt get a single notification. :(

The same thing happened before on my old wiki (Quake Wiki). Me and a pal had turned that waste into a fully functioning wiki in over 2 years. Then just because I take a quick break, half the wiki gets changed. Nothin was said to me, which tends to be rather annoying.

I'm sorry if it seems like im taking it out on you, I just wish I would be more thoughly notified prior to the change and that I respond BEFORE the change takes place so I can monitor it. It makes sense, yes?



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