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    Found another way to rectify matter based on Warblade's excellent suggestion. Matter is now dealt with.
    03:55, May 21, 2015

    Your linked article has some major issues in the source which is causing it to render poorly on a range of screen sizes. This Wikia update really only showed up the flaws. The page was already pretty broken - you just couldn't see it.

    If you like I could switch up to a version that would look less broken.

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    • I would be obliged if you could show me how to fix it as there are around 55 pages like that one which will require changing. I greatly appreciate your offer.


      New Roosterman (talk) 01:25, May 20, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Okay, there's a basic version done for you. You might want to adjust the image sizes, but note that 800px horizontal is getting out to the limits of where things start breaking. The loose side-by side images were breaking badly, so I slotted them into a gallery to maintain the side-by-side look. Frankly those two images might actually be better off cut together as a single image.

      Another issue was the long chunk of empty space to separate the 3D Map heading. Generally I would put in a {{clr}} template, although in this case the gallery pushes the heading down instead.

      Plus I simplified some of the links.

      Oops forgot to add, I did the test version for you on a user subpage in case you wanted to tinker with it first.


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    • Dear Warblade,

      Thanks for the help. Very much appreciated. It gives me a guide on how to fix the other pages which are like this.


      New Roosterman (talk) 03:00, May 20, 2015 (UTC)

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