• New Roosterman
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    No longer needed.
    03:32, April 9, 2015

    It's nice to have you onboard. I notice you've made a ton of edits and updated everyhing. I thank you. I have decided to give you a bit more control over the wiki. Hereby promoted to chat mod. Since that's the only thing I can change. Only Emerald wolf can add admins.

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    • No probs. I left a message for Emerald Wolf on hois message wall a couple of days ago mentioning some of the edits I've madeand what I was planning to do (namely adding new pages for all systems - see the Delta Canopis page for an example of what I'm planning to do) but have not heard back from him as at this dayte.

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    • yea it looks like E wolf is gone for good. Last I poked him he seemed "rushed" and busy.

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