BSGO Teamspeak Servers Image

Teamspeak is a Voice over the Internet Program (VOIP) which many players in Battlestar Galatica online have used as a means of having real time voice communication with fellow players (usually their wing mates and squad mates) in the game.

In early January 2016, in recognition of this, BigPond made the following announcement -

Announcement and DetailsEdit

You are not a typical loner and like to share the fun in the game with others? You like to talk or are looking for a conversion with others while playing? Then visit one of the two BSGO Community TS3 servers. You have the choices: US or EU server.

You are welcome to also apply for a wing-Channel for at least 15 members which can be done with the link below.
US BSGO Community TS3-Server:

  • TS3-IP: or
  • Server-Slot: 150
  • Location: Los Angeles – USA.

EU BSGO Community TS3-Server:

  • TS3-IP:
  • Server-Slot: 460
  • Location: Frankfurt – Germany.
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