Scavor is a special star system (sometime referred to in-game as the Scavor sector)  that the Kratos's Reunion event took place. This system was not accessible via the system map, but by the Battlespaces tab which is only accessible on the heads up display when Cylon or Colonial players are docked at an Outpost or at the Battlestar Galactica (Colonial players) or Basestar (Cylon players). To leave this system, players would access the Battlespaces tab again, which wouild initiate an FTL jump back to the place theyt were when they jumped to Scavor.

Things of particular note this system contains:

  1. Space station surrounded by a radiaoctive cloud.
  2. Battlestar Pegasus, the Battlestar Valkyrie and 3 Colonial freighters all grouped together.
  3. Basestar, the Guardian Basestar and 3 Cylon freighters all grouped together.

The space station is in the approximate centre of the system, with the Colonial ships on one side of the system, and the Cylon ships on the far side of the system oppo soite the Colonial ships.

There are no NPC ships in this system, no platforms, no drones, and no cargo contaioners (except those part of the Kratos's Reunion event).

System RestrictionsEdit

Players may not pilkoty either the Battlestar Pegasus (Colonials) or the Basestar (Cylons) in this system.

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