Platforms are stationary objects shaped like asteroids on which various weapons systems (namely cannons and missile launchers) are mounted. Defensive in nature, they will do nothing unless a ship from either faction, Colonial or Cylon, either attacks it or moves within approximately 1,200 metres of the platform at which time the platform will attack the ship. The platform will continuing firing until the enemy ship is either destroyed or moves out of weapons range (which for: light platforms is 1,600 metres; and for heavy platforms is around 2,000 metres - though missiles will reach out to 3,500 metres when fired). Unlike ships, platforms do not recover any hull points lost in combat. They will stay on reduced hull points unless they are destroyed. Platforms are equipped with cannons and missile launchers. Guardian Platforms usually have 2 x cannons and 1 x missile launcher whilst Supression Platforms will usually have 2 x cannons and 2 x missile launchers. The cannons on Guardian Platforms often have a higher accuracy than those of Supression Platforms.

Once destroyed they will respawn in the exact same location in a system after a period of approximately 10 minutes. Platforms are part of the unknown group that also has weapons drones in certain systems.

With the release of Update 51, and the introduction of the Carillon, Exomera and 14 Toah star systems, new types of platforms (Nexus platforms) were also introduced specifically and only in these three new systems. The Nexus platforms are more heavily armed, have greater hull points, and far longer weapons range than the platforms in the remaining systems with their weapons range reaching out to 5,000 metres.

Further they have a greater visual range than the other platforms, namely 4,000 metres, which will see them attack any cloaked Stealth Ships within that range. Rewards for destroying the Nexus platforms though are not that much different from the platforms in the other systems. The Nexus platfroms weapons have a range of 5,000 metres and their cannons are incredibly accurate as any strike ship which comes within range will discover.

Types of platformsEdit

Platform Level Hull Points Power Image
Light Interdiction Platform 12 1,250 500
Light Sentinel Platform 12 1,250 500 Light sentinel platform
Light Guardian Platform 14 2,750 500
Light Suppression Platform 14 2,750 500 Light suppression platform
Medium Interdiction Platform 16 4,250 750
Medium Sentinel Platform 16 4,250 750
Medium Guardian Platform 18 5,750 750
Medium Suppression Platform 18 5,750 750 Medium suppression platform
Heavy Interdiction Platform 20 7,250 1,000
Heavy Sentinel Platform 20 7,250 1,000
Heavy Guardian Platform 20 8,750 1,000 Heavy guardian platform
Heavy Suppression Platform 20 8,750 1,000
Nexus Guardian Platform 135 12,500 3,000
Nexus Suppression Platform 135 10,000 3,000
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