Number Eight (also known as Sharon) is a humanoid Cylon model. Number Eights are one of the most commonly encountered humanoid cylons (along with the Number Sixes). Eights tend to be more affectionate and show greater concern for others than their fellow models. They also tend to be more naive and emotionally immature. This has lead them to be described as weak by others, despite the fact the Eights were overwhelmingly in favour of destruction of the Twelve Colonies. Eights have a greater propensity to forming emotional attachments than other humanoid Cylons, attachments that can see Eights become intensely loyal and break Cylon law and traditions to help humans. This leads some to believe they can be fickle, changing their loyalties to suit their desires. Despite being viewed as fragile, this can disguise their great strength and direction.

The two most famous Number Eights are Sharon "Boomer" Valerii and Sharon "Athena" Agethon.

  1. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii was a sleeper agent who served as a Lieutenant-Junior Grade in the Colonial Fleet as a Raptor pilot. At the time of the final Cylon attack on the Twleve Colonies, Boomer was serving onboard the Battlestar Galactica and was involved in a romatic relationship with Galen Tyrol. Boomer committed a number of acts of sabotage to the Galactica, seemingly unaware that she was in fact a Cylon. This changed when, after being sent on a mission to destroy a Basestar orbiting Kobol, Boomer encounters a score of her fellow Number Eights who revealed her true identity to her. Boomer completed the mission by destroying the Basestar and upon returning to the Galactica attempts to kill (now) Admiral Adama. After being imprisoned, Boomer is killed when she is shot by Cally Henderson. Boomer resurrects on the Cylon Fleet.
  2. Sharon "Athena" Agethon, was a Number Eight who was tasked with seducing Karl "Helo" Agethon on Cylon occupied Caprica. Having the full memories of Boomer, Athena pretends to be Sharon Valerri returning to help Helo after he was stranded on Caprica. Unlike Boomer, Athena has full knowledge of her true identity as a Cylon. The Cylon plan is to make Helo fall in love with Athena as an experiment, which sees Athena actually fall in love with Helo. Her identity is revealed to Helo when Kara Thrace returns to Caprica in search of the Arrow of Athena. Boomer after initially fleeing from Helo and Kara, returns to help free Kara from capativity and to return them all to the Colonial Fleet. At the time of her return to the fleet, Athena is pregnant with Helo's child.

In the game, you speak to Number Eight/Sharon to:

  • Upgrade ships;
  • Buy new ships; and
  • Repair ships.

Number Eight/Sharon may be found in: (a) the CIC on the on the Basestar located in 242 Apollid; and (b) any Cylon Outpost.

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