Muspell is a star system in the Veil Sector. Located on the Colonial side of the sector map, this system has a threat level of 20. This system contains the following Colonial npc ships: Viper Mark II (Level 19), Raptor (Level 19), Rhino (Level 19), Scythe (Level 20), Glaive (Level 20), Maul (Level 20), Aesir (Level 20), Vanir (Level 20), and Jotunn (Level 20). This system contains the following Cylon npc ships: Cylon Raider (Level 19), Heavy Raider (Level 19), Marauder (Level 19), Banshee (Level 20), Spectre (Level 20), Wraith (Level 20), Fenrir (Level 20), Hel (Level 20), and Jormung (Level 20).

There are also Level 19 Rugged Hunter Drones, medium and heavy weapons platforms, and a Cylon Heavy Freighter in this system.

Things of particular note this system contains:

  1. 3 Level 18 weapons platforms.
  2. 4 Level 20 weapons platforms.
  3. 1 Cylon Heavy Freighter (not shown on the 2D map below, see the 3D map for the current route).
  4. 2 debris fields which may contain salvage.
  5. 2 salvage spots which are not in a debris field.
  6. 7 planetoids.

This system is considered very danerous as it is swarming with the above listed NPC ships. You will find them attacking each other, weapons platforms, drones and of course any enemy players. This can make it very diffcult to mine in or collect salvage. It is highly recommended you go in in a ship which is well armed and protected to this system. Please note that many of the npc spawn points are near the weapons platforms, planetoids and salvage spots.

System RestrictionsEdit

A maximum of 3 x Brimirs may be in this system at any one time. A maximum of 3 x Surturs may be in this system at any one time.

2D Map of the systemEdit

Muspell System Map

Muspell star system

System Map Legend



3D Map of the systemEdit

Please note, the 3D map is more up to date (created May 2015).

Muspell 3D System Map

Muspell star system

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