Hades is a special star system located in the Veil Sector. Introdcuced with the deployment of Game Update 08 in May 2013, this specially designed system is where the Top Gun Battle Tournaments for Strikes and Escorts are held.

There are no Colonial nor Cylon NPCs in the system, no Drones nor Weapons Platforms either. This system is basically one big open space designed for a large number of players in strikes or escorts to fight it out in a tournament.

It should be noted that at the boundary of the system are hard radiation zones which will damage any ships that they fly into them. This is designed to keep players within the system during the tournament.

This system can only be entered during Top Gun Tournaments. These are held (as at March 2015) for Strikes at 6.00 pm (server time) on Saturdays, and at 6.00 pm (server time) on Sundays for Escorts. Tournaments usually last 2 hours in duration (i.e. until 8.00 pm server time).

When a tournament is running, an extra icon will appear on the player's user interface. Clicking on the icon (whilst in the correct form of craft for the tournament) will initiate an FTL jump to Hades and entry into the tournament.

System RestrictionsEdit

No more than 100 players in total (both Colonial and Cylon) may be in the system at any one time.

Players cannot form squadrons whilst in this system.

Players in a squadron can not enter this system.

Nuclear weapons will not work in this system during tournaments.

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