Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release Katraine Update

25 July 2012

The main focus for our Katraine Update was an overhaul to the Tournament System. We looked in a lot of the issues that occurred in the previous tournaments and wanted to make sure that all the outstanding issues were resolved.


  • A lot work was done on the back-end to make sure that the Tournament System functions as intended.
  • Resolved various issues regarding the desync of Tournament Points gained during a tournament session.
  • Introduced a new mining tournament type called Rock Buster.
  • Fixed sync issues with Tournament Points and Tournament Leaderboards.


  • New In-Flight Ammunition window has been implemented and players can now switch ammo types on the fly.
  • The Extra Large version of the Class-B2 Nuclear Warhead is now called the Class-A Nuclear Warhead.
  • The Extra Large version of the 'Retribution v2' Nuclear Warhead is now called the 'Requital v2' Nuclear Warhead
  • Camera adjusted for In-Chase and Target modes so players can see further ahead and the ship is lower within the in-game frame.
  • Implemented a modified Loading Screen that moves in continuous motion when loading is occurring.


  • All HEIAP ammunition has been removed from the shops, loot drops, and bonus rewards.
  • Escorts now receive HESC-C (Min. Damage) Ammo via the Daily Login Bonus instead of +Accuracy.
  • Specific Sectors have had NPC populations readjusted:
    • Epsilon Iordiani
    • Anachron
    • Zeidian
    • 21 Tiche
  • Weapon Platforms have returned to Rayet and Spectris.
  • New Ammunition Types have been implemented in the game.
  • Colonial Line Ships have smaller blindspots and are now equal to that of Cylon Line Ships.
  • Cylon Line Ships now have slightly larger blindspots and are now equal to that of Colonial Ships.


  • Fenrirs in Spectris now appear with the correct naming conventions.
  • Fixed exploit allowing players to fail Story Missions an infinite number of times.
  • Colonial Viper Mark VIIs will no longer display text strings as their names.
  • Fixed the issues where duplicate listings were appearing in the New Ammo UI.
  • Implemented proper ammo categories for New Ammo UI.


  • Adjusting the GFX Quality Level in the Options Menu may crash the game.
  • Players having loading issues, please do not refresh the browser during the loading screen, this may cause you to hang at the loading screen.
    • Refreshing the browser seems to cause a disconnect when loading into the game or when loading between sectors.
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