Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release Jammer Update

29 June 2012

With our Jammer Release, we bring to you the initial groundwork of our wing system changes. In order to support the types of changed we want to do in the future, the entire wing system needed to be re-architected from scratch. As such, many of the wing-related updates in this release may not seem very interesting, but they were necessary steps that will allow us to move forward.


The underlying wing system has been complete re-architected. While much of that re-architecture will not be outwardly visible, there were a handful of items that can be seen.

  • Wing names will now display over a player. This can be toggled on and off.
  • New wings will names will be restricted to a maximum of 30 characters.
  • Wings that have no members have been removed from the database. Names associated with these types of wing are now freed for use.
  • Fixed an issue where players could accidentally promote other players to Wing Leader. Wings may only have one Wing Leader.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to join a nameless wing.
  • Wings are now capped at 1000 members.
  • Wing rosters will now correctly update when members appear online.
  • Players must now be invited to join a Wing. They will not be able to join on their own.
  • Members of a wing will be correctly notified when other members of their wing logs in or out.
  • Fixed a wing rank issue for wing leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue where a wing was created when a player failed to join another wing.


  • Center screen messages and alerts may not be toggled on or off.
    • The toggle may be found in the Options window (O).
  • A banner indicator will now display when items or ships are on sale.


The tournament system has undergone an overhaul. We will be having a few tournament test runs on Kobol over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!


The following sectors have had their enemy NPC populations adjusted:

  • 74 Imsidia
  • Canaris
  • Epsilon Krau
  • Fenris
  • Rayet
  • Wegelin


A number of new ship skins are available for purchase:

  • Colonial
    • Oxide Camo
      • Viper MK II
      • Viper MK VII
      • Scythe
      • Glaive
    • Night Lurker
      • Maul
    • Red Sweep
      • Maul
  • Cylon
    • Dark Cell
      • Raider
      • War Raider
      • Hel
      • Jormung
    • Corruption
      • Heavy Raider
      • Hel
      • Jormung


  • Improved the visual effect and performance of Flak.
  • The Rhino model and textures has been updated.


  • Players will be correctly notified when a friend appears online.


  • Computers with lower specifications may experience issues with models/textures loading.