Faster Than Light Jump Beacons, or FTL Jump Beacons as they are more commonly known, were added to the game in mid-2013. They were added following game mechanic changes to FTL spawn points in the game.

The beacons are added to Outposts when the system control reaches level 3 (formerly 125%). When available, they give players an extra jump point for that system, players can either jump to one of their factions spawn points (where players will come out of FTL placed randomly in one of their faction's FTL spawn areas), or they can jump to the FTL Jump Beacon (see photo below), which will bring them out of FTL within 2000 metres of their Outpost. It should be noted that it costs more tylium to jump to the FTL Beacon than a regular FTL system jump.

FTL Jump Beacons have 9,000 hull points,  armour of 25 and 450 energy. They may be attacked and destroyed like an Outpost. Like the Outpost, when under attack, the players of the respective faction will receive a system message alterting them to the fact that the jump beacon is being attacked. This enables players to jump to an Outpost under attack to help defend it from the enemy. Also, like Outposts, beacons will recover hull points if damaged but not destroyed.

Colonial Jump BeaconsEdit

Colonial Jump Beacon

Cylon Jump BeaconsEdit

Cylon FTL Jump Beacon
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