BSGO Cubit Payment Screen No 01

Cubit payment screen

What are the current prices of cubits you may ask?

Here they are just for your delight (as at 8 April 2016).

Amount of Cubits Price in U.S. Dollars
5,000 $1.49
30,500 $7.99
78,000 $18.99
160,000 $39.99
350,000 $74.99
BSGO Cubit Payment Screen No 2

Note the currency conversion circled in red

To purchase cubits, you need to click on the Purchase Cubits Button on the Menu Bar when you are docked. That will open the Cubit payment screen as shown above. Whilst the prices display in US Dollars, if you hover your mouse over the cost of the cubit package you wish toi buy, the payment system will show you what the price is in your local currency (as per the image to the right, note the red circle which shows the amount for the 350,000 cubits in Australian Dollars).

You also can purchase two booster packs via the Cubit payment screen.

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