Carillon is a star system in the Veil Sector. Located just on the Colonial side of the sector map, this system has a threat level of 115. This system was added to the game with the release of Update 51. In this system you will find the following Colonial npc ships: Viper Mark VII (Level 114, named Zephyr), Raptor (Level 112, named Icarus), Halberd (Level 116, named Svarog), Aesir (Level 118, named Thor), and Gungnir (Level 118, named Odin). It should be noted there are multiples of some types of the Colonial npcs ships mentioned, all of them are named (e.g. there are mutiple Aesirs all named Thor). Additionally, these NPCs have computers equipped (e.g. damage buffs,speed de-buffs, damage de-buffs) that they will use during combat.

There are no Cylon npc ships normally found in this system.

There are Nexus weapons platforms located in this system.

There are normally no drones in this system.

Things of particular note this system contains:

  1. 6 Level 135 Nexus weapons platforms.
  2. 5 debris fields which may contain salvage.
  3. 5 planetoids.

Asteroids in this system may contain tylium and titanium. It should be noted that those asteroids containing resources will yield more in tylium than titanium, with tylium asteroids yielding approximately 1,500 whilst titanium asteroids yield approximately 650.

Planetoids in this system may contain water.

Along with Exomera and 14 Toah, this system is larger than all the other star systems measuring 40,000 metres by 40,000 metres (as opposed to the 10,000 metre by 10,000 metre dimension of most of the other star systems). This is because the system is designed to enable large scale fleet fights between Colonial and Cylon forces. The presence of the large asteroids in the system (as shown in the gallery below) are to provide cover/concealment for enemy ships to enable an ambush.

Additionally, unlike the other systems, NPC ships, debris fields, asteroids, planetoids and platforms are not all on the same vertical plane. This design concept applies to Exomera and 14 Toah also.

No Freighter in Distress Dynamic Mission will spawn in this system.

System RestrictionsEdit

A maximum of 4 x Brimirs may be in this system at any one time. A maximum of 4 x Surturs may be in this system at any one time.

3D Map of the systemEdit

Created August 2015.

Carillon 3D System Map

Carillon star system

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