Captial class ships are designed as the biggest and deadliest class of ships in the their fleet.  These ships are designed to be the heavy ships in fleet battles, often carrying strike ships onboard who act as their teeth in fights, whilst they supply long range weaponary and soffisticated electronic warfare support.

Currently only two capital class ships are available for purchase (and only once a player reaches level 40):

  1. Brimir and Advanced Brimir (for Colonials); and
  2. Surtur and Advanced Surtur (for Cylons).

The Battlestar Pegasus and the 47 Tartalon Basestar are the other capital ships available for use, but these ships are only available for rent on an hour by hour basis and, unlike in the TV series, are unable to carry strike ships. Players below level 40 may rent these ships provided they can meet the rental cost.

In Naval terms, the capital ships are a combinatination of an aircraft carrier and a dreadnaught.

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