The C31-Recharge Module was introduced into the game with the deployment of Update 53. It is a special "role ability" slot which is only available for the Maul/Wraith and its advanced versions. It comes as part of the ship and is not removeable, similar to the stealth role slot for the Raven Mark VI-R and the Malefactor Type-1.

This module gives the Maul/Wraith more power, increased power recharge, increased hull recovery, and also iuncreased durability. It is also designed to improve the performance of power cells and damage control pack usage.

The module can be upgraded to a maximum of level 10, and is upgraded by merits only. At level 10, the module provide the following boost to the Maul/Wraith:

  • + 80 to power;
  • + 29% to power recharge;
  • + 29% to hull recovery; and
  • + 15,218 to durability.

It should be noted that the power recharge bonus only applies to power cells used when an auxiliary power cluster/system is equipped. Further, the hull recovery bonus only applies to DC (damage control) packs used when a damage control system is equipped.

In-game descriptionEdit

C-31 Recharge Module


"Designed for the Assault Escort Class, the C-31 Recharge Module provides additional power. This system also boosts the performance of power cell and DC pack usage."

Cost: Free. Comes with the Maul or Wraith when purchased.

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