"The Cylons were created by man. They were created to make life easier on the Twelve Colonies. And then the day came when the Cylons decided to kill their masters. After a long and bloody struggle, an armistice was declared. The Cylons left for another world to call their own. A remote space station was built......Where Cylon and Human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations. Every year the Colonials send an officer. The Cylons send no one. No one has seen or heard from the Cylons in over forty years.” - Mini-Series prologue.

Until now!! Gaius Baltar, a human, has unknowingly been used to enable the Cylons to launch a sudden and successful sneak attack on the Colonies, laying waste to the planets they once called home and devastating their populations. Now the humans are fighting the old war with the cybernetic race of their own creation. The planets gone, and the Cylons resurrection ship destroyed, they are forced to fight the never ending war. Forced to use the Basestar (Cylons), Battlestar (humans), and their outposts as bases of operation they travel from system to system . Each trying to destroy the other and be the dominant race. The humans commanded by Commander (later promoted to Admiral) William "Bill" Adama, and the Cylons lead by Number One/Cavil. Cylon or Human? Choose wisely for the fate of the galaxy’s rest on your shoulders.


The main objective of the game is to control all of the systems and defeat the opposing faction. While leveling up, upgrading, fighting NPCs, mining, and a never ending stream of player v player battles.

PLAY NICE: This is for new players and high level players both. There will always be a person with a higher (unless you're level 255) or lower level then you. Don’t steal mines from other players on the same faction as you. Share npcs and platforms, there are enough to go around, if not in one system then there is in another system. There are always rude players no matter what, don’t return the favor.

To the high level players: Remember that you were once a new player before you got the advanced ship with upgrades up the wazoo. Remember how hard it was to start playing a new game and get used to it. The new players that are under you are having the same difficulty's so be nice if they ask for help. You don't have to help them every time but remember it’s the nice thing to do. If you can’t help them politely tell them you can’t. If they are on the opposite side, consider whether attacking them will be worth it to you and whether it might turn them off the game. You want interesting player v player fights? Then you need new incoming players for that.

To the new players: The high levels are not being rude if they politely decline, so don't repeatedly hit them with squad requests or things lie that. They have missions and need resources just like you. So be nice, if you get declined there will be someone else you can get help from, just ask in fleet chat. Sometimes you need to step out of the nest and learn to fly.


The DRADIS is your ship's radar, you can find it at the bottom center of the your screen (see gallery below) it looks like a red/blue circle, it will show you enemy ships, friendly ships, debris fields, planetoids, and asteroids that are in range of your ship radar. On the left of the Dradis display there are two buttons: one that looks like a world, and one that looks like a grid map (as shown in the image below) -

The world button is your sector map and tool to be able to go to other systems by FTL (Faster Than Light) Jumping, the only way to travel from one system to another (pressing 'N' will also open your sector map). You can’t fly from one system to another. Select a destination in your Red FTL range and either, whilst on the sector map click on the "Sector" or "Beacon" buttons (note, the "Beacon" button will ponly be available if the system you plan to jump to has an FTL Jump Beacon); or after you exit the sector map press jump or 'J'.

The grid map icon shows you the map of the system that you are currently in. Clickng on the icon opens the system map in 3D mode. This will open the system in a "top down" view. You can zoom in or out on objects, and you are able to zoom in and see objects which are a long distance away. You can also rottate the image so you cabn get a full 3D perspective. You can use the zoom feature to locate enemy ships (note, frequently strike ships will be difficult to find). This 3D mode was introduced in early 2015 replacing the old "2D" system map which used to be activated by clickiing on the icon. You can access the "old" 2D system map by right mouse clicking on the Dradis.

Through the old 2D system map you can see asteroid belts (big long lines and groups and other formations of asteroids) in the form of dots. You can also see Cylon Ships as red triangles, Colonial Ships as blue triangles, and drones and platforms show as yellow triangles. Bigger ships will show up as groups of triangles (escorts as 2 triangles one behind the other, lines as 3 small triangles in a pyramid, and you can see the planetoids (the huge asteroids used for industrial mining). They are shaped like a hexagon, and if someone is mining on them 3 yellow dots in a close line will be a top of the hexagon (this represents the Mining Ship). You can also use the grid map as a targeting device by right clicking on the object you want to target.

The bar on the left of the Dradis shows your fuel amount, which is how much tylium you have. When you have 20,000 units or more of tylium the bar will say at the top FULL (instead of showing a number). On the right of your Dradis is the speed bar or throttle. To move forward you can drag the throttle bar up or down with left click to go faster (press 'E') or slower (press 'Q'). You can also use the arrows at the top and bottom to change your speed. Also the wheel on your mouse can be used to increase or lower your throttle. See images of these in Game Screen No. 3 in the following gallery -

Next to the speed bar there are 3 buttons: the top one has the icon of 2 ships in single file, this is the "follow friend" button, use it when you have a lock on a friendly ship (press 'Y') and want your ship to follow that ship - by clicking on it your ship will follow the friendly ship wherever it goes in the current system without you having to do anything; the middle button has an icon of 2 ships side by side, this is the "match speed" button (press 'T'), clicking on it will see your ship's speed or throttle set at that of the targetted ship; at the bottom is the "booster button", it looks like a sideways triangle with jagged flames, there are two ways to use your booster by clicking on the button or by pressing and holding the spacebar. See "Game Screen No. 4" in the gallery above for images of these buttons.

Under the Dradis display are three target hexagons. The icon on the far left is for automatically targeting the nearest friendly ship. For Colonial players, the icon will be blue. For Cylon players it will be red. See the images in the above gallery.

The icon on the far right will automatically target the nearest enemy ship in range (as per the images in the gallery above). For Colonial players the icon will be red, for Cylon players it will be blue. Pressing 'X' on the keyboard will also target your nearest enemy.

The center icon will cancel your selected target (this can also be done by or by pressing 'C'), as shown in in the gallery above.

At the bottom of the screen (as shown above) it a long bar that fills up when you get Experience Points. This is the level bar as it tells you how many Experience Point you have and how much you need for the next Level. When the bar reaches the right hand side is when you reach the next level and the bar will fall back to the left hand side of the screen.

On the bottom right of your screen, you will find an icon of your current ship (see the image above for an example) with your equipped cannons and missile launchers. Click on the weapon to disarm or arm. On the weapons there are arrows, they are numbered for using the hotkeys (E.g., weapon 1 = press '1' on keyboard). Under the ship icon, looking like row of hexagonal honeycomb (as shown in the image above), is where your computer, engine and hull systems that you can use by clicking on them (or Hold shift + the ability slot key) are displayed. These use power every time you use them and may also use consumable items (e.g. damage control packs by damage control systems).

On the top left corner, you will see the name of the system you are in, what the percentage the Outpost is at from 0-300%, the date, the time (server's time), the name of the system you are currently  in, and (if you have the options turned on) the Ping Rate and the Frames Per Second (FPS) Rate, as shown in the image above.

Below the system info line, there is an icon of your current ship showing your username, your current level, and a red bar for the ship's hull points. The first number is the current number of hull points, the second number (the number after the "/") is the maximum possible number of hull points when the ship is fully repaired, and the blue bar is your power points (again current power and maxiumum power). This is shown in the image above. Watch your hull points and power during battle to see when you need to withdraw/retreat.

When you have something targeted it will appear In the top middle and show the name of the object and its hull points, its power if it has any and the distance from you (in metres). The Level display of the currently selected target is color-coded according to the reward scaling system:

  • If the Level number is WHITE, you will receive full XP and loot from defeating the target (see Image No. 1 in the above gallery);
  • If the Level number is YELLOW, you will receive reduced XP and loot from defeating the target (see Image No. 2 in the above gallery);
  • If the Level number is GREY, you will receive no XP or loot if the target is an NPC or the minimum XP and loot (20%) if the target is an enemy player (see Image No. 3 in the above gallery).

In the top just towards the right hand middle of your screen you have 4 different camera modes to view game play and buttons to zoom in and out on your ship.

In the top right hand corner you have the Menu Bar (pictured below) on which you will find buttons to: Invite and Friend; Wing Roster; Pilot Log; Leaderboards; Purchase Credits;  Hold (inventory); Find Arena Matches (saee section in this guide about them); Toggle Full Screen On or Off; and Options (note, clicking on Options gives you a drop down menu which includes - Help; Options; Toggle Sound (on or off); and Exit Game). When you are docked on an Outpost or at the Galactica/Basestar, you get an extra button of "System Navigation" which opens up the sector map (see the third icon from the right on the Menu Bars pictured in the gallery below). There is also a button to Minimize and Maximize the Menu button as desired (that is the button on the far left hand side which looks like an arrowhead, as shown in the pictures below). Additionally, players levels 1 to 9 will have an extra button for entering and exiting Battlespace (on the Cylon menu bar pictured below, it is the icon of the ship inside the triangle, the second icon from the left).

Below the Menu Bar is the Daily Assignments Menu. Clicking on the arrow head to the right opens up a drop down menu showing you the status of your current daily assignments. Double clicking on any of the assignments will open up the Pilot Log, and will place you on the Daily Assignment tab giving your further details about the assignments (including what rewards you get for completing them) and the ability to turn in the assignments.

Below the Daily Assignments Menu is the dynamic mission menu  (as shown above). This menu will only appear on your screen if there is a Freighter in Distress mission or a Drone Nexus mission in the system. It will give you detail of the mission including whether the mission has started or not, if it has started how long is left to finish the mission, and how much health the freighter/Nexus command ship has left. If none of these missions are available in a system, whilst you are there, this menu will not appear. If a mission become available in a system whilst you are there, this menu will appear on your screen. If you click on the arrowhead to the right hand side of the minu, it will collapse the menu and hide the details.

In the bottom left hand corner is the Chat window. For more detail on using Chat, read this page.


When you dock there is only 1 room in the Battlestar Galactica or the Basestar, namely the Combat Information Centre (or CIC) as pictured below -

There used to be 3 rooms (the Rec Room, Hangar Deck and CIC) but a game update decided to do away with the extra 2 rooms.

In the CIC you will find:

The other characters in the CIC will not react/respond if you click on them.


When you completed the tutorial or if you skipped it (don’t skip it is the best way to learn how to play) you get to create your character. The first step is you get to choose a name for yourself but make a good long hard decision, because you can change it (since the release of Update 51), but it will cost you in game money to change it (currently 50,000 cubits). Also please don’t use any vulgar or offensive names because it will be changed by Big Point, the company who run the game.

The second step is you get to set your character's appearance and sex .You can change your character's appearance at any time when you are docked, so don't worry if it is not perfect.  After you have finished creating your character you are transferred to your faction's home ship the Battlestar Galactica in the Alpha Ceti system for humans (Colonial) and the Basestar in the 242 Apollid system for Cylons.

You are given one ship for free at the start. Colonials will receive a Viper Mark II. Cylons will receive a Cylon Raider.


The game was initially designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard. However, the game has been updated since to support using game pads. What follows is the default commands used by key board and mouse (you can change them in Options menu).


W = up.
S = down.
D = right.
A = left; or you can use the right mouse to steer and the left to look.
[SHIFT]+ mouse wheel: Ship throttle speed.
Q = stop.
E = full speed.
spacebar = boost speed (uses tylium when activated, if your release spacebar, boost speed stops working.)
K =  stop/cancel FTL jump (this must be pressed before FTL countdown timer reaches 0 to stop/cancel jump).


X = target closes enemy.
Z = targets nearest missile.
C = cancel target.
G = turn all guns on/off.
F = fire all missiles.

Other keys:Edit

H = help.
I = pilot info.
O = options.
L = leader board.
B = wing roster.
N = system navigation.
M = system map.
A + shift = assignments.
D + shift = duties.
Z = skills.
S = ship status.
R + shift = in flight resupply.
H + shift = help .
= key to increase speed".
- = decrease speed.
R = reply to whisper.
U = take all salvage.


Read this page for more information.


  • Enemies cannot come enter your home star system (i.e. Alpha Ceti and 242 Apollid), or certain other star systems. All other systems are relatively open slather to both sides.
  • In a strike ship do not sit still and fight, your avoidance is reduced greatly and you can be killed faster. It is recommended to keep you speed and throttle at maximum as avoidance is tied to your throttle position. If you are at a complete rest (i.e. 0 speed) your ship's avoidance is reduced to 25% of its stated value.
  • NPC enemies only have an avatar of the ship and ship name instead of an avatar of a person and a user name.
  • You may get damaged when you run into things whether it’s an asteroid (you will get damaged) or a ship (you won't get damaged). However, you will lose speed and bounce off backwards.
  • On the Sector map (referred to at times in this guide as the jump map), blue is for Colonial controlled systems and red is for Cylon controlled systems.
  • 3 red/or blue dots on a system shown on the sector map represent active industrial mines (i.e. a mining ship).
  • Don’t use cubits on anything other than ships or upgrading ships. Because it’s a very rare and valuable type of in game currency.
  • Always keep track of where you going using your Dradis and your system map.
  • You can't heal during combat (you will have a flashing message of "Threat", whilst this is displaying you will not regain hull points) unless you have a DC (Damage Control) system and DC packs (these are one use items which are purchasble in-game from the Item Shop). Using a DC system costs 1 DC pack and energy every time to use but repairs some damage during battle instantly.
  • Be sure to know if you shot the NPC or asteroid first. If you did not shoot it first you will not get anything for destroying it. However, if they stop shooting it wait about 60 seconds before you attack it and then you should get the rewards for shooting it down. Please note, multiple players can shoot at, destroy and get credited for shooting at platforms and mining ships provided they met the hidden "damage threshold".
  • Mining skills should be the last skill you upgrade except the one to upgrade your scanner. The other skills are by far more important.
  • When your ship hold is full sell the stuff that you don't need or put it in your locker. Your locker can hold an infinite amount of stuff and can only be accesed at any Outpost or when on board the Galactica or Basestar (the one located in 242 Apollid).
  • Equipment does carry over when you advance/upgrade your ship.
  • No effects of the same type of buff stack, you have to use one after the other. Different types of buffs do stack. (e.g. A pair of Colonial ships fighting alonsgide each other, both have a damage buffing computer array(the Artemis Targetting Array) onboard which grants a bonus of +33% damage when activated to all ships weapons within the computers range. If both ships activate their computers at the same time and are within range of each other, they only get one bonus of +33% to their weapons' damage and not 2 x +33%. This in effect means it is a waste of use of one of the computers - they would be better to have one player use their computer buff first and then when it finishes for the second player to use their's).
  • When doing daily assignments, like asteroid recons, if you FTL jump out of a system and then FTL jump back to it or, dock with an Outpost in the same system and then undock, all the asteroids will be "re-set" in relation to whether you have scanned them or not. Thus you can scan the same asteroids more than once and each time you scan it will be counted seperately. This can help when you have high level players stalking particular systems making it hard to complete the assignment without getting killed.
  • Do not be in a rush to get into a larger ship when you reach level 10 or 20 unless you can also significantly upgrade the ship's equipment. Many low level players rush to get into an escort or line, but don't upgrade its equipment, thus making themselves easy targets for higher level players. The larger the ship, the more expoensive it is to upgrade the requisite equipment.
  • When flying a strike, avoidance is your friend. Hence equip those items which increase your avoidance. Being harder to hit, you will be more likely to live as you will take less damage.


So you can understand what some one is saying without having to ask what they mean.

DEV =  Developer.
DEO = Disrupt enemy operations (this is taken from the Daily Assignment by that name). If someone mentions a "DEO" kill, it means they defaeted an enemy player in playt v play (p v p) combat.
EP/XP/EXP = Experience Points.
FTL = faster than light.
Flak = A line weapons system that shoots out special ammo designed damage strikes and missiles.
Farm = To stay in one spot for a long time and either be collecting a certain resource or shooting NPCs that come by or spawn next to you or that spot.
Grind = To be actively shooting NPCs and mining a lot to level up.
HP = Hull points.
Lvl/LV = Level.
Mod/ CM =  Forum/chat moderator.
MMO = massive multiplayer online.
NPCs = Non PlayerCharacters, a computer controlled enemy or friendly ship.
NUGGET = New player (also called noob or newbie).
OP =  Outpost.
P v P = Player versus player (when someone say pvp on map there saying enemy is here)
Wing = Are a clan and clan members are known as wing members.

For more game terms:  click here.


You have to get a certain amount of experience points for each level. You get experience points from completing missions, mining and defeating enemy NPCs and enemy players in PVP battles. The harder it is the more experience you get (depending on the map you are in) Lv. 106 gives you all the experience to train all skills to maximum level (i.e. level 10)


Please read this page for more information.


Click on the Battlestar Galactica (Colonial), or the Basestar (Cylon) and a "Dock" button will appear (as shown in the images of the following gallery) in the top middile of your screen. Click on it with your mouse.

It also should be noted after you click on the "Dock" button, you will get a cinematric cut scene showing your ship landing on the Battlestar Galactica (Colonial) or the Basestar (Cylon) as shown by the images in the following gallery -

If you do not want these Cut Scenes to play when you dock at the Galactica or the Basestar, you can turn them off in the Options, which is accessible via the Menu Bar. You can also cut them short by hitting the "ESC" key on your keyboard.

Please note that the Battlestar Pegasus, and the Basestar in 47 Tartalon cannot be docked on. Aditionally you cannot dock with the carrier drydocks in 47 Tartalon or Delta Canopis.

To dock on an Outpost, click on it and when you are close enough (999 metres or closer) and a "Dock" button will appear (as shown above)  in the top middile of your screen. Click on it with your mouse and your ship will dock straight awy (unless you are in threat, it which case it will take some 15 seconds). This range factor does not apply for the bases on 47 Tartalon or Delta Canopis, you can be anywhere in those two systems and kilometres away from the bases and yet be able to dock. There is currently no cinematic cut scene when you dock with an Outpost.

When you are ready to undock from the Galactica, Basestar or an Outpost click on the "Undock" button with your mouse. The button should be located at the top middle of your screen (as shown in the images in the following gallery) -

Please note whilst you are docked at an Outpost, if you make any repairs to your current ship, or switch to a different ship, there will be a 30 second delay before you can undock. This countdown timer will appear above the undock button and the undock button will not respond if you click on it until the countdown expires.


When you are docked on an Outpost, the Battlestar Galactica or the Basestar in 242 Apollid, you will find in the middle of the bottom of your screen there are 5 large tabs which are ether - blue/grey (Colonial) or Red (Cylon):

  1. Hangar;
  2. Ship Customization;
  3. Item Shop;
  4. Ship Repair; and
  5. Dradis Contact.

Click on "Item Shop". This opens up a new window with 3 tabs of "Store", "Hold", and "Inventory" but you will be in the "Store" (if you will notice the Stopre tab is highlighted). To buy new items, scroll through the various categories in the store and when you find the item you want click on the "Requisition" button. This will open up a new window called "Buying" which will allow you to buy as many of the items as you want and will automatically calculate how much it will cost. Either enter the desired number in the space provided (it defaults to the minimum number you can buy automatically), or use the arrow heads in the Buying window till the desired number appears. Then click the "buy" button. The new equipment will now be in your hold.

To sell items which are in your Hold or Locker, (if the items can be sold), click on the "Hold" or "Locker" tabs. Scroll thru the various categories until you find the item you wish to sell. If the iten can be sold, there will be a "Sell" button displayed. Click on the "Sell" button. This will open up a new window called "Selling"  which will allow you to sell as many of the item as you want and will automatically calculate how much tylium you will receive in return. Either enter the desired number in the space provided (it defaults to the minimum number you can sell automatically) or use the arrow heads in the Selling window till the desired number appears. Then click the "Sell" button. The item will be sold and the resulting tylium will be placed in your hold.

If you wish to cancel a sale or buy, when in the Buying/Selling window, click on the "Cancel" button which is located next to the "Buy"/"Sell" button.


The locker gives you a safe spot to put your valued items in for safe keeping you will only have access to them when you are docked. Unlike your hold (which has limited space holding only 70 items), the space in your locker is virtually infinite so it can hold numerous items, equipment and consumables. It is recommended that any items you are unlikely to use regularly be stored here so that you have room in your hold for salvage and loot which you will acquire during combat and exploration, as well as for ammunition that your current ship can use in combat.

You are only able to access your locker when docked at an Outpost and the Battlestar Galactica (humans) or the Basestar (Cylons)


When you are docked on an Outpost, the Battlestar Galactica or the Basestar in 242 Apollid, you will find in the middle of the bottom of your screen there are 5 large blue/grey tabs (Colonial) or red tabs (Cylon):

  1. Hangar;
  2. Ship Customization;
  3. Item Shop;
  4. Ship Repair; and
  5. Dradis Contact.

Click on "Item Shop". This opens up a new window with 3 tabs of "Store", "Hold", and "Locker". Depending on where the equipment you wish to equip is located click on either the "Hold" or "Locker" tabs. When you have found the desired piece of equipment, click on it and then drag the item from your hold or locker and drop it onto its right spot whether it is a:

  • W: for Weapon
  • C: for Computer
  • H: for Hull
  • E: for Engine
  • G: for Gun (Stealth ships and Carriers only)
  • L: for Launchers (Stealth ships and Carriers only)
  • D: for Defensive weapons (Carriers only).

(You can only use light equipment with strike ships, medium with escort ships, heavy with line ships etc.).

The game will bring up the "Install Item" window. It will give you a brief description of the item you are wanting installed, the stats it will add or subtract from the ship and the abilities it will give the ship (note if the slot on the ship already has an item equipped it will also note what abilities and stats the ship will lse by the removal of the already installed equipment). If you wish to proceed with installing the item, click the "Install" button. If not, click the "Cancel" button.

For example, if you wished to put weapons on a Cylon Raider, you drag the weapon from your hold or locker onto one of the spots marked "W" on the ship, as shown in the following image -

When you do so, a new box will open asking whether you want to install the item or cancel it's installation - You then left mouse click on the "Install" button - and the item of equipment (in this case a cannon) will now be equipped to your ship (as show in the followiong image) - Uninstalling items from ships works similarly to that describedabove for installing an item. Click on the item on the ship you wish to uninstall and drag it to you Hold or Locker. This will bring up the "Uninstall Item" window. Either click the "Uninstall" button to proceed with the removal of the equipment from your ship, or clik the "Cancel" button.

Alternatively, if you talk to either Chief Galen Tyrol, Colonial Quartermaster (Colonials) or Number Eight/Sharon, click on the "Let's talk about ships " option, and then select "I want to change my ships equipment" this will also open the Item Shop and put you in the "Store".


On the left next to the Dradis is a button that has an icon of a world click it, and it will open up a map (the sector map) showing all the systems (or press n). By left-clicking on a system a description of that system will pop up. The description tells you information about how far the system is from your current location, how much Tylium (fuel) it will take for you to jump, and it's threat level (See picture below). Under the description if you are able to reach that system there will be a [JUMP] button, click it and wait for the countdown to finish. At the end of the countdown your ship will jumpto the targetted system. While you are in countdown mode you cannot fight because all your ship's power is being used for the FTL jump. Pressing 'K' will cancel your FTL jump and your power will begin recharging.

If the system you are jumping to has an Outpost with a FTL Jump Beacon, you can choose the regular "Sector" jump or you can choose the "Beacon" jump. The difference is if you choose the sector jump, you will arrive in the system in one of the desiganted spawn locations in the system, whilst if you choose the beacon jump, you will arrive in the system within 2,000 metres of the Outpost (see picture below). It should be noted to reflect the more precise nature required for a beacon jump, the beacon jump costs more tylium.

FTL drive charge times now vary according to the size of the ship, and the modifier to charge time when jumping while in combat has been increased:

  • Strike ships have a base 'jump timer' of 15 seconds (60 seconds when in combat);
  • Escort ships have a base 'jump timer' of 20 seconds (80 seconds when in combat);
  • Line ships have a base 'jump timer' of 25 seconds (100 seconds when in combat);
  • The Battlestar Pegasus and Basestar have a base 'jump timer' of 30 seconds (120 seconds when in combat).

Note: For group jumps the timer, costs, and jump radius are exactly what the leader's is.

It should be noted you can have a jump "pre-set". You open the sector map, click on the system within your jump range you want to jump to but DO NOT CLICK ON THE JUMP BUTTON. Instead close the sector map and resume flying in the system you are in. At any time whilst in that system where you set the jump but did not execute it immediately, if you press "J" on your keyboard your ship will commence the jump to the system you had previously selected. This is very handy when you overwhelming opposing forces after you and need to FTL away rather than die.


Equip cannons to weapons slots (long range, standard, or short range), choose the right ammo for your ship (e.g. light for strikes). You can right click on the cannon to change ammo.

If your cannons are not armed push G to arm all your cannons. Your cannons are armed when they are lit up.

To disarm them push G. (you can also click each one separately to activate).

Click on the target you want to shoot. When the target is in range the cannons will automatically fire, you just have to keep the target in range. When you have blown up the target you will get a reward.

Multi-targeting cannons enable you to select a different target for each cannon, unlike standard cannons which will only fire at the one selected target when that target is in range.


Equip missiles launchers (long range and general) (short range strikes only) to weapons slots, chose the right missiles to shoot (e.g. light for stikes).

General Launcher Icon
Regular Missile Launchers

Click on the target you want to shoot. When the target is in in range, push "F" to fire all the missile launchers or click on the missile icon to shoot. The target must be keept in range and arc of the missile launcher. When they have reloaded push "F" again and repeat as desired.

Multi Target Launcher Icon
Multi Targeting Missile Launchers

If your missile launchers are not armed push "F" (or click the missile icon) to arm them. Your missiles are armed when they are lit up. The launcher will auto shoot at the selected target (and keep on firing at the selected target unless a new target is selected, the original target is destroyed, or the launcher is de-activated) once the target is in range of the launcher. The target must be kept in range and arc of missile launcher.


Travel to debris fields, which atre located on most system maps where there is lots of debris or a destroyed ship (not actual npc or player ships just there for decoration). Search for a bluish (some say its drab gray) (Looks like a shipping container) rectangular container box (see picture below).

Since Update 60, released on 6 December 2016, to collect a container, click on the container and when you get within 750 metres of the container a "Loot" button will appear, as shown in the following image -

Click on the button and your ship will commence loading the container. When this occurs, your loot button will acquire a loading bar showing a climbing percentage as your ship proceeds to load the contents of the container into your ship's hold, as shown in the following image -

Until the loading reaches 100%, do not click on any other object on your heads up display, or fly further thaan 750 metres away from the salvage canister, or you will fail to collect the container, and you will  receive the following message on your screen -

You can though attempt to re-collect the canister.

Containers may contain cubits, tylium, water, titanium, and/or other items.


Click on the player's ship, when the avatar shows up at the top center of the screen right click it. It will give you a list: Info, Duel, Invite, Friend Invite, Whisper, and Follow. Click the Invite option. See the following photo -

When the player accepts the invite you are in a group known as a squadron.

To dismiss a player from a squadron, click the avatar and click on the button that says dismiss.

You can also give up leader ship to another or leave the squadron.

If you have friends you can see the list of them on your pilot info window and can click their names to send whispers and mouse over there name to see what map they are in. (/i 'name' will invite a player to a squadron).


Read this page.


Read this page.


This is needed when a squadron has added some other players to their group and want to have them get some of the stuff form the mine. So they have to let a npc pop the mine and retake it so that all members of the group can get some of the mine. It is normally told to everyone in chat to not mess with the mine or the npc attacking it. Play with honor, leave the mine and the npc alone. Do not try to steal it.


To resupply in space make sure you have tylium or cubits to buy whatever you need. Click the button that looks like lots of cubits next to the Dradis under the map button. Click the tab "resupply". Scroll down to what you need. When you click the recquisition button, if you need more than one item (like ammunition) click the spot where the number is and type in the amount needed. Click "buy".


If you cannot take on 4 or more NPCs at once do not attempt to do it alone. The freighters: ‘light’ found in some of the low level systems are mainly accompanied by strike craft; ‘medium’ freighters found in some of the medium level systems are mainly accompanied by strikes and escorts; ‘heavy’ found in the higher level systems are mainly accompanied by strikes, escorts, and lines. Light freighters are easiest and heavy freighters are the hardest to farm.

The freighter will not attack you. The NPCs that are with it follow the freighter like drunk drivers. Find the freighter and bring your group (if needed) and attack the NPCs. Do not attack the freighter, leave it be. When the npcs that are with it are gone, just follow the freighter. Do not attack it!! In a bit the NPCs you destroyed will re-spawn behind the freighter. Shoot them and when they are all dead follow the freighter. Rinse and repeat. That my friend Is how you farm a freighter.


Push “O” on the keyboard or click the gear button on the top right side of the screen click the tab key bindings. Scroll through the ones already set to see what is there if you want to change a key binding just click the tab next to it that has the current key used as the hot key and push the button you want it to be set as.

If you messed up and want to change everything back to normal just click the return to default tab at the bottom of the key binding window.


There is one person leading the Fleet Operations (known as Fleet Op's). That person will instruct everyone what to do. Not having 10 different people shouting out suggestions in the chat on where to go. This confuses many people and most times makes the fleet get separated because they went to the wrong system. When you’re in the system and going for and enemy Outpost, go straight to the Outpost.

Do not:

  1. Go out of your way to kill npcs;
  2. farm asteroids;
  3. destroy enemy mining ships; or
  4. call in mining ships.

The last 2 lets the enemy know you are there, which you don’t want. You want to be attacking the Outpost before they can form a good defence.

Also doing any of 1-4 will separate you and others from the main task of killing the enemy Outpost as it gives the enemy more time to get more players in to defend the Outpost.


If you leave the new player protected systems (Colonial Systems or Cylon Systems) you have a chance of being attacked by an enemy player. It is even a greater chance if you jump into systems under enemy control, or closer to the enemy's side of the sector map. If you leave your side of the map you are trespassing. So the enemy will try to kill you if they see you no matter what level you are. You are considered fair game.

If you are attacked and are killed, don’t slander someone for killing you whether or not there a higher lv then you. Remember you’re on their side of the map so you’re asking for it. Now there may be some people that will let you be but the best thing is to not draw attention to yourself.

The enemy does not take kindly to some one of the other side doing the following:

  • mining asteroids;
  • industrial mining;
  • farming npcs;
  • farming freighters;
  • farming platforms
  • taking salvage; or
  • killing p v p.

For the daily asteroid recon, if it’s in enemy territory, it always carries the risk of you being seen and killed)

Doing these will draw attention to yourself you may or may not be caught and killed.


The sector control points are calculated from the faction’s number of Outposts and active mining ships. It does not represent how many players are online.



To upgrade your ship you need to go to an Outpost, the Battlestar Galactica or the Basestar in 242 Apollid. You can either:

  1. Talk to either: the Colonial Quartermaster or Number Eight/Sharon (on an Outpost); or Chief Galen Tyrol or Number Eight Sharon (on the Battlestar Galactica, or the Basestar. Click the talk about getting a new ship option.
  2. Click on the "Hangar" option.

You will have a new window open of all the ships giving detailed info of each one. Click the icon of the ship you want to upgrade/advance and then at the bottom left there will be a button to upgrade click it and it will ask you if you’re sure you want to. Click confirm. As upgrading (or advancing) a ship costs either cubits, tylium, or merits (or a combination of cubits and merits), you need to have the resources available to pay for the upgraded version.


To upgrade other equipment dock you need to go to an Outpost, the Battlestar Galactica or the Basestar in 242 Apollid. Talk to the Colonial Quartermaster or Number Eight/Sharon (on an Outpost); or Chief Galen Tyrol or Number Eight Sharon (on the Battlestar Galactica, or the Basestar in 242 Apollid. Click on the buy /sell/ equip button. You will see you items you have equipped on your ship.

Click on the button under one of them that says "upgrade". When the new window opens click the right arrow to move it up a level you want to upgrade it to. It will tell you how much it cost to upgrade (in tuning kits and/or cubits). Click the upgrade button then the confirm button. You need to have skills trained in order to upgrade most items. Your skill levels will dictate how high a level you can upgrade equipment to (this will be displayed on the upgrade window). Equipment can be upgraded to a maximum level of 15.

It should be noted that whilst you can use cubits or tuning kits to upgrade equipment to levels 1-10, upgrading equipment to levels 11-15 is only possible by use of tuning kits.


You need to be docked on at an Outpost, the Battelstar Galactica (humans), or the Basestar in 242 Apollid (Cylons).

You can repair your ship by using either cubits or titanium. Don’t sell your titanium, keep it as it is cheaper to use for repairs than cubits. You will need it to repair everything from ship to equipment and the bigger the ship and more damage there is you will need more titanium. Lower level equipment has low repair costs and higher level equipment has higher repair costs. If your ship drops below 20% durability there will be penalties until it's repaired. If a piece of equipment drops to 0% it can’t be used until repaired.

There is a "repair all button" at the top of the repair screen (and there is a repair button under each ship's system), click on it and select either the "Repair" button (which uses titanium) or "Repair with Cubits" button (which uses cubits to make the repairs). As cubits are only obtainable in limited circumstances in game, or by spending real money to buy them, it is recommended to use titanium for repairs.

If you are on an Outpost, a 30 second countdown will commence whilst the personnel repair your ship and/or ship's systems. If you are on the Galactica or the Basestar, the repairs an instantaneous.


There are 5 different types of ammo standard (grey) minimum damage, accuracy, armor piercing, damage bonus.

You may get ammo that you cannot use from shooting down enemy ships. You can sell ammo for tylium or save it. You can also purchase ammunition from the Item Shop.

All light ammo works for any light ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire. All medium ammo works for any medium ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire. All heavy ammo works for any heavy ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire.

For more details on ammunition types click here.


First off you should always keep enough tylium on your ship to get from system to system and to so you can use your boosters. This is because tylium's primary purpose is to be fuel for all ships.

If you find yourself stranded in space with no tylium 4 things you can do:

  1. Mine for tylium. This may take a while.
  2. Shoot enemy NPCs. Part of the loot award is tylium.
  3. Search debris fields and collect salvage canisters. Some of the salvage canisters when claimed give tylium.
  4. Participate in and attain an award level in a Freighter in Distress Dynamic Mission. The awards given include tylium.
  5. Get killed (LOL) and you will have the choice to go to the next closest outpost. Once there you can buy tylium.


When your ship gets blown up, a window with the option to respawn in the nearest two Outposts/Bases will appear. If your side has an outpost/base in the system you were destroyed in, that will be one of the two options (unless the system has reached any limiuts on players allowed in it). You will have approximately 30 seconds to pick which system to go to. If you have not made a selection once the 30 seconds has expired, the game will take you to the neareat of the two options by default. You will get a cut screen telling you that Search and Rescue operations have commenced, and you wil then find yourself docked inside an outpost.

Your ship and the equipment will get a certain amount of damage done to it when you are blown up. You can repair this damage when docked.

There is no XP, skill, or equipment loss.


Read this page for more information.


When you FTL jump into a system you will have 10 seconds to start a clean jump out of the system before your ship actually spawns (i.e. appears in the system). This is designed to make it easier to escape in case enemy players are in your spawn aware (referred to as spawn camping).

This way you will not have long to wait from being shot at and getting threat until you jump out.

If you do any action which moves your ship (e.g. change throttle, turn etc) your ship will spawan immediately.


You log out of the game by clicking on the last button on the Menu bar (located on the top right hand corner of the game screen). This will give you a drop down menu, of which the last button (which looks like a X) and when you point your mouse at it says "Exit Game". Click it. See the following image -

This will then bring up another window near the top middle of your screen (if you are docked, it will appear immediately below the "Undock" button) asking if you are sure if you want to exit the game (see the following image) - if you are sure you want to log out, click on "Yes". If you wish to remain in the game, click on "No". It would appear this two step log out process is to avoid accidental logouts.

If you are in battle when you attempt to log out, it will take 60 seconds to log out.

If you are not in battle but are flying in space  in your ship, it will take 20 seconds to log out.

If you are docked when your attempt to log out, you log out instantaneously with no delay.

When you are out in space in a system trying to log out ,your ship will turn off (i.e. weapons will cease firing, power will fall to 0, speed will fall to 0) and sit still. You cannot run away, fire weapons, use any equipment/items while the game tries to you log out. You will stay immobile until the timer is gone and you are either logged out or destroyed.

Note when you log back in, whatever system you were in at the time you last logged out is where you will start. If you were docked in an Outpost, Battlestar Galactica, or Basestar in 242 Apollid, you will be docked in them.


In the centre of your game screen messages will appear of what’s going on in other places within the game, such as:

  • In a system if it has heavy fighting;
  • When an Outpost is established in a system;
  • When an Op is under attack;
  • When an Op is taking heavy attack;
  • When an Op has been forced to retreat;
  • When an FTL Jump Beacon is under attack;
  • When an FTL Jump Beacon is taking heavy damage;
  • When an FTL Jump Beacon has been forced to retreat;
  • When a mining ship is under attack;
  • When a mining ship is taking heavy damage;
  • When a mining ship has been driven off by enemy forces/destroyed.

These message can also be seen scrolling at the bottom of your game screen

When an enemy is close the word "Threat" will blink above your Dradis. It will also blink "Threat" if an enemy fires its cannons at you.

If missiles are shot at you, you will hear a bleeping noise and above the Dradis you will see a picture of a missile for each missile shot at you.

If nuclear missiles/nuclear torpedoes are shot at you, you will get a smilar response as that for missiles except in addition above each picture of a nuclear missle/torpedo will appear a radiation symbol.


Your ship has a maximum amount of 50 slots in its hold. It can carry unlimited amounts of whatever is in each slot. On any ship from the smallest ship to the biggest.

  • Yellow is tylium the main money used and is also used for your boosters (so don’t over use your boosters) and needed to jump from system to system. When you have at least 20,000 units of Tylium the fuel bar on your ship's radar will show that it is full. it just stops counting after 20k don’t worry it’s not really full.
  • Purple is titanium used for repairing your ship and other items on your ship it is better to not sell this.
  • Blue is water a very valuable resource. If you sell it you can get 1 cubit for 5 units of water.
  • Red means the asteroid has nothing in it.

Cubits are the game's premium currency. You can get Cubits from killing NPCs, salvaging, completing missions, or by purchasing it with real money. Some items/ships can only be bought with cubits.


Optimal Range: Is the range where cannons will do the maximum amount of damage.

Maximum Range: Is the maximum distance the cannons can shoot but, as it gets farther away, it decreases in accuracy.

So say your cannons can shoot a maximum 900 metres, the optimal range is 300 metres, and let’s say your cannons can shoot 20 maximum damage and 10 minimum damage. At 0-300 metres you will be shooting 20 points damage. At 301-900 metres, depending on your skill upgrades, you will be shooting from a minimum of 10 points damage as you get farther away the less you have a chance of hitting your target and when you do it will not be your full strength, thus costing more ammo.


Missions and daily assignments are to help you get to know the game and see where everything is and how it all works. I know it’s crazy but you actually have to read the mission log to know what to do.(many people skip the reading because they don’t believe it is important) don’t just skip the text or you will be stuck wondering how to finish the mission or daily assignment.


The Tutorial or "noob" missions are given to you by Admiral Adama (Humans) or Number One/Cavil (Cylons). Whilst these missions help explain the story behind the game to you, they are designed to also teach you the basics about the various facets of the game. There are approximately 6 of these missions to complete. As you complete various parts of each mission you will have dialogue to read and click on to proceed.

Tip: if you have dialogue following combat in a mission, do not click on the dialogue straight away. Wait. This will allow any damage your ship suffered in combat to start repairing. If you read thru the dialogiue and click on the "Ok" button quickly, you will reduce your repair time, and this may see your ship get destroyed before completing the mission. If you fail to complete the mission, you may only re-attempt by increasing at least one level in the game.

To abandon a Mission in progress, click the Abandon button on the right-hand side of HUD (Heads Up Display) – this will end the mission, which may then be attempted again by speaking to the relevant character.

Daily AssignmentsEdit

Read this page for more information.


The game has a number of star systems in which players from the enemy faction cannot enter, or only limited numbers of them are alloowed in at any one time. This is to allow newer players to have some systems where they can hone their skills with areduced chance of being attacked by high level players.

The systems which have restrictions on who may enter them is as follows:

If a player attempts to jump into a system which has reached its limit for enemy pilots, players will be informed and given the option of either: (a) commencing their FTL jump to the system when room is available; or (b) cancelling the jump.

If a player is destroyed in combat in a system, in which their faction is subject of system limitations, yet their faction has an Outpost in the system, if the maximum number of players has been reached following their destruction, theplayer  will not be able to respawn at the Outpost in the system.

Players attempting an FTL jump to a system that their faction is unable to enter, after clicking on "Jump" will get a message telling them that the system is off limits by order of high command and the jump will automatically abort. There is no way to over-ride this.


Arena is an area where players may conduct private matches against other players without any interference from non-invited combatants or npcs.

Arena matches allow P v P between specific players in private 'instanced' areas, separate from the main game world.

There are three types of Arena matches:

  • 1 v 1 Ranked matches;
  • 3 v 3 Ranked matches; and
  • 1 v 1 Duels.


These were removed from the game with Update 18. They were replaced by Dradis Interdiction Missions.


These were removed from the game with Game Update 18. They were replaced by the Dradis Contact Mini-Game.


There were a number of different tournament types originally in the game. At the time this verion of the BSGO Bible was written they included:

  • Crucible – compete in P v P event sectors to attain the most PvP experience. Boosters and augments do not contribute to tournament score.
  • Annihilation – the goal is to attain the most damage during the duration of the tournament.
  • Decimation – the goal is to attain the most kills during the duration of the tournament.
  • Rock-Buster – the player that attains the most mining resources wins the tournament.
  • Nemesis – Tournament Sectors are specifically designated on the System Navigation Map.

Upon entering a Tournament Sector, a message appears informing you that you are in a Tournament PvP zone as well as outlining the rules and structure for the Tournament.

As of March 2015, there are predominantly two types of tournaments, Strike Tournaments and Escort Tournaments now in the game.

  1. Strike Tournaments: These tend to be held on Saturday evenings at 6.00 pm (server time). Players win awards based on the number of players destroyed and damage dealt. Only Strike Ships may participate in this tournament. Tournaments last for 2 hours.
  2. Escort Tournaments: These tend to be held on Sunday evenings at 6.00 pm (server time). Players win awards based on the number of players destroyed and damage dealt. Only Escort Ships may participate in this tournament. Tournaments last for 2 hours.

It should be noted, Strike and Escort Tournaments are held in the Hades star system.


These are like a 3rd set of assignments. Completing certain objectives in the game will grant you special titles known as "Duties:. Duty Titles are names of the different levels as you complete a goal it will increase and you can choose to have a title you have gotten displayed on your pilot info. You can select one title at a time as your active title.

In the future (it was planned) that your active duty title will also grant a statistic or skill bonus while equipped. This has not eventuated to date.

These duties include: the amount of asteroids scanned; the amount of (reosurcet) mined; the amount of systems traveled to; the amount of NPCs destroyed; the amount of p v p kills; the amount of particular ship types (e.g. Viper Mark II, Cylon Raider) destroyed.

Duties are accessed vai the Pilot Log on the heads up display and selecting the "Duties" tab.


Go to the Battlestar Galactica (Colonial), the 242 Apollid Basestar (Cylon) or an Outpost and talk to either Chief Galen Tyrol, Number Eight/Sharon or the Colonial Quartermaster, click on them and choose the "Let's talk about ships" option. Then choose "I'd like to requisition a new ship (Buy, Upgrade and Change ships)". This then opens the "Hangar" screen. Choose the ship you want fly and click on the "Command" button. You will be asked if you want to command this ship. Click "Yes" and you be in command of your selected ship.

If you choose the "Hangar" tab directly instead whilst docked, you bypass all the talk with the NPCs. Choose the ship you want fly and click on the "Command" button. You will be asked if you want to command this ship. Click "Yes" and you be in command of your selected ship.

If you are onboard an Outpost when switching ships, this will take 30 seconds. Changing ships on the Galactica or Basestar is instantaneous.


There are 4 main ship categories:

  • Carriers.

There are 4 sub-categories for Light, Medium and Heavy ship categories: Interceptor, Assault, Command, and Multi-Role.


It used to be that to buy a new ship you could only do so by going to the bases in Delta Canopis or 47 Tartalon and talking to Chief Galen Tyrol or Number Eight/Sharon. This is no longer the case.

Now there are multiple ways in which you can buy a ship, they include:

When you talk to one of the above NPCs, choose the "Let's talk about ships" option. Then choose "I'd like to requisition a new ship (Buy, Upgrade and Change ships)". This then opens the "Hangar" screen. Choose the ship you want and click on "Requisition". You will be asked if you want to buy this ship. Click "Yes" and you will have your new ship.

If you choose the "Hangar" tab, you bypass all the talk with the NPCs. Choose the ship you want and click on "Requisition". You will be asked if you want to buy this ship. Click "Yes" and you will have your new ship.



The costs for each ship is displayed on their respective pages on this wiki. Ships cost either tylium, cubits and/or merits to purchase. Use the "Cylon" or "Colonial" tabs on the menu bar to get the drop downs for "Strike Ships", "Escort Ships", "Line Ships" or "Capital Ships" and select the ship's page you wish to look at. The cost of the ship will be displayed in the table on the page under " Purchase Cost".

It should be noted the Battlestar Pegasus and the Basestar may only be rented for a period of up to 1 hour or until destroyed (which ever occurs first).

Level NeededEdit

You need to attain particular levels before you can purchase certain types of craft. To summarise you need to reach the following levels to use the following types of ships:

There is no minimum level required to rent either the Pegasus or the Basestar.


"Upgrading" ships (or acquiring the Advanced version of the ship) is where by the expenditure of cubits and/or merits sees your ship receive certain additions (e.g. extra weapons slots, increase in hull points etc). To find the cost, go the page of the Advanced version of the ship you are interested in. A link to the page for each Advanced version is included on the page for the unadvanced version of each ship which is accessed as described in the above section.


The carriers are the Brimir and Advanced Brimir (Colonial), and the Surtur and Advanced Surtur (Cylon). For details click on the link to go to the page on each one.


A ship’s Armor value reduces incoming damage by a percentage equal to its value.


An advanced ship's defult paint job is shiney whilst the non advanced ship's defult paint job is rusty.

There are a number of custom paints (also referred to as "skins") players may purchase in-game, or that were available as rewards for certain special events. Consult the page for each ship to see what paints are available (if any) besides the default paint for that ship.

Pilots may purchase these paint jobs from the Item Shop, using the filter to find “Paints”. Purchased paint jobs are transferred to the pilot’s hold, or can be dragged directly to the Paint slot on the ship. Paint jobs may be applied to the Paint slot on their ships by dragging to and from your Hold or Locker – the same as with any other system.

NOTE: Paint jobs are not salvageable once purchased.

In the Ship Customization screen (renaming ship/choosing decals), there is now a Paint tab. Pilots are able to browse, preview, and select the paint jobs available for their current ship here.​


The system works by comparing your pilot's Level to that of your opponent.

In all cases, pilots with a Level higher than 20 are treated as if their Level is 20 for the purposes of this system.

If your pilot's Level is no more than 5 Levels higher than an opponent, you will receive full XP and Loot from defeating that opponent.

If your pilot's Level is more than 5 Levels higher than an opponent, the XP and Loot you receive will be reduced.

Note that when in Squadrons, XP and loot from defeated opponents is first divided among the members of the Squadron as usual, and then their individual Levels are compared to the Level of the opponent to determine any reduction in the XP or loot they receive.

For more information about loot and rewards, please read this page.


To enjoy the game better join a wing . it will be no fun when you only play by your self. For even more fun use a 3rd party comunications to talk to each other (e.g. Teamspeak). it makes the game even more fun and you are less likely to want to leave becuse of boredom.

Wing names display over a player. This can be toggled on and off.

New wings names are restricted to a maximum of 30 characters.

Wings are capped at 1000 members.

Players must be invited to join an existing Wing. You will not be able to join on your own.​


The first time you log into the game each day, you will receive a Daily Login Bonus. The Daily Login Bonus increases in value for each consecutive day you log into the game, reaching its maximum value after 5 consecutive days. If you miss a day, your login bonus will revert to day 1.

Each Daily Login Bonus offers a choice of three packages of rewards:​

  1. Pilots below Level 10 will be able to select a Strike ship package;
  2. Pilots between Level 10 and 19 choose between packages for Strike or Escort ships; and
  3. Pilots of Level 20+ between packages for Strike, Escort or Line ships.

What you get each day:

Day 1 Login BonusEdit

  • Strike: 50 light hesc rounds, 1 light cr warhead, 20 titanium, 600 tylium, 20 cubits.
  • Escort: 20 medium hesc rounds, 1 medium cr warhead, 25 titanium, 500 tylium, 20 cubits.
  • Line: 5 heavy hesc rounds, 1 heavy cr warhead, 35 titanium, 500 tylium, 20 cubits.

Day 2 Login BonusEdit

  • Strike: 100 light hesc rounds, 5 light cr warhead, 1 strike standard dc pack, 1 light standard decoy, 25 titanium, 600 tylium, 25 cubits.
  • Escort: 40 medium hesc rounds, 2 medium cr warhead, 1 escort standard dc pack, 1 medium standard decoy, 40 titanium, 650 tylium/ 40 cubits.
  • Line: 10 heavy hesc rounds, 2 heavy cr warhead, 1 line standard dc pack, 50 titanium, 650 tylium/ 25 cubits.

Day 3 Login BonusEdit

  • Strike: 200 light hesc rounds, 10 light cr warhead, 2 strike standard dc pack, 2 light standard decoy, 50 titanium, 1200 tylium, 50 cubits.
  • Escort: 80 medium hesc rounds, 4 medium cr warhead, 2 escort standard dc pack, 2 medium standard decoy, 80 titanium, 1300 tylium, 50 cubits.
  • Line: 20 heavy hesc rounds, 4 heavy cr warhead, 2 line dc pack, 100 titanium, 1300 tylium, 50 cubits.

Day 4 Login BonusEdit

  • Strike: 1 comm access, 300 light hesc rounds, 15 light cr warhead, 3 strike standard dc pack, 3 light standard decoy, 75 titanium, 1800 tylium, 75 cubits.
  • Escort: 1 comm access, 120 medium hesc rounds, 6 medium cr warhead, 3 escort standard dc pack, 3 medium standard decoy, 120 titanium, 1950 tylium, 75 cubits.
  • Line: 1 comm access, 30 heavy hesc rounds, 6 heavy cr warhead, 3 line standard dc pack, 150 titanium, 1950 tylium, 75 cubits.

Day 5 Login BonusEdit

  • Strike: 1 comm access, 400 light hesc rounds, 20 light cr warhead, 4 strike standard dc pack, 4 light standard decoy, 100 titanium, 2400 tylium, 100 cubits.
  • Escort: 1 comm access, 160 medium hesc rounds, 8 medium cr warhead, 4 escort standard dc pack, 4 medium standard decoy, 160 titanium, 2600 tylium, 100 cubits.
  • Line: 1 comm access, 40 heavy hesc rounds, 8 heavy cr warhead, 4 line standard dc pack, 200 titanium, 2600 tylium, 100 cubits.

Please note, hesc rounds are a type of cannon ammunition and cr warheads are a type of missile.


When you get into the higher lv upgrades and they are fairly even 1000+ use tuning kits they save tylium. Don’t gamble if you don’t want to lose all your cubits make sure you have enough tuning kits to do it at 100% to save tylium and a headache from losing a 50k upgrade at 98% not worth it.

When upgrading the Level of a ship System, you are able to choose between paying for the upgrade with Tylium and/or Cubits, or using Tuning Kits. Tuning Kits can only be used to upgrade a System by one Level at a time.

When using Tuning Kits, there is a 'chance' for the upgrade to succeed. The more Tuning Kits used, the higher the 'chance' for a successful upgrade. The higher the Level of the upgrade attempted and the more expensive the ship System, the more Tuning Kits will be required for a given chance of success.

If an upgrade attempt fails, any used Tuning Kits are lost.

If you have enough Tuning Kits, you can increase the chance for an upgrade to 100%, guaranteeing success.

Only Tuning Kits can be used to attempt to upgrade ship Systems above the Level 10, up to a maximum of Level 15 (these upgrades cannot be purchased directly with Tylium and Cubits).

You can purchase Tuning Kits for 1,000 cubits per tuning kit in the Item Shop. You may receive Tuning Kits as rare loot drops from high level NPC opponents​.


Read this page for more information.


Buy a 100% merit booster in the Item Shop (a 1 hour booster costs 3,000 cubits, a 7 day booster costs 15,000 cubits). Do your DEOs (Disrupt enemy operations daily assignment) for the day. Don’t turn it in though wait until an hour or half and hour before new daily’s reset time (which is also the server re-set time, see this page for the re-set times).

Activate the merit booster and turn your DEO Daily Assignment. You will get 900 merits just from turning it in + the merits you got from killing the p v p.

Then get your new DEO Daily Assignment when they re-set. Do the DEO Daily Assignment mission and turn it in you will get the 900 merits + whatever from the p v p and most likely max out. You need to wait 2 nights to do it again an easy way to max your merits out. You need to wait 2 nights to do it again an easy way to max your merits out.

NOTE: You need to do this before the daily’s re-set because of the 1,000 per day merit limit.

FURTHER NOTE: There are 2 x Merit Boosters avialable in the game, but most of them only come in loot obtained from combat.


  • Perma death: Where you die but the respawn box does not show up. Fix - Refresh your web browser, will reload into closest friendly OP.
  • No power: Where you spawn in to system or log on and your ship has 0 power and it won’t regenerate, making it so you can’t move or do anything. Fix - Click the log out button, let it go a few seconds then cancel it. The power will start to regenerate.
  • Vanishing Character: Where you log on and you have to start playing all over. (as you will find yourselkf back a6t level 1, all your ships, items equipment and consumable are missing). This is a mix up. You have to make sure you always log on to the same server you originally created your acxcount on, other wise if you log onto another server you have to start all over again on that one. You will still have your other account so you will have 2 accounts on diffrent servers. Just make sure you log onto the right server to avoid the "what the frack happend to my account?" question.​


One of the most important things needed to have the game work at its best is to clear both cache browser and unity player after every update to make sure that no old bugs are there. It will take a bit to reload everything at first but you are reloading everything fresh and updated...and hopefully less buggy.

ALERT!!! to get better playing and less lag turn off: Star Dust; Star Fog; Glow Effect; High Quality Particles; AntiSotropic Filtering; Show Wing Names.

Lag: when the game freezes suddenly and where you can’t move or do anything for a certain amount of time.

The cause could be from:

  • Your computer not having enough memory to run the game,
  • The web browser you are using has not been updated or is not fit for gaming,
  • Too many programs are running on your computer,
  • You are using Wi-Fi instead of direct connection (i.e. a cord),
  • You are downloading other items from the Internet whilst playing (this can include software updates),
  • You have a virus or spy bot blocking part of your system.

Turning down the graphics quality and turning off certain effects (as suggested in the above ALERT) will help playability.

The best steps to make sure you have fun are to do these things:

Read the minimum requirements to play,

Make sure everything is updated (Mozilla Firefox download:, Google Chrome download:, Opera download:,

Scan for viruses and Spy ware,

Clear both caches (To learn how to clear your Web Browser Cache click here. To learn how to clear your Unity Cache click here).

Originally written by: Jdog from the BSGO Forums.

Amended by: Various since originally published (Version 7 of the BSGO Bible) on this Wiki.

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