New Roosterman New Roosterman 19 March 2015

Change in Wiki Leadership - Bureuacrats and Admins

As our Bureaucrats and Administrators on this wiki seem to be predominantly dormant, I am looking into adopting this wiki. For information on what I propose to do, and if you wish to express any views, please read this thread in this wiki's forum and post any comments there. Thank you.

New Roosterman (talk) 01:06, March 19, 2015 (UTC)

Following due consideration, our only active Administrator, Pawn0 o, has submitted a request to adopt this wiki. AS the only other active user editing/contributing to this wiki I thoroughly endorse and support his adoption request.

New Roosterman (talk) 03:24, March 31, 2015 (UTC)

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New Roosterman New Roosterman 13 August 2014

2015 - Where We Are At and Where We Are Going

Ok there has been a lot of activity in the last couple of months to update this wiki, so I thought I'd start us a blog so we know where we are in mid-2015.

I can confirm that, statistics wise, all Colonial and all Cylon Ship stats are up to date as at 23 February 2015.

Additionally, I have added pages on each of the star systems in the Veil Sector. All the pages have maps of the old 2D version created in 2012-2013. I'm adding more up to date shots taken from the new 3D system maps to each page as I have time. the #d maps were created in April and May 2015.

I have created apage about daily assignments. This is up to dayte as at 23 May 2015.

There is a page listing the in game skills. Thius is up to date as at 23 May 2015.

Finally, a new page det…

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Pawn0 o Pawn0 o 15 July 2013

What needs to be done, ep. 2

colonial ship stats need to be checked and made sure they are accurate. Article stubs is where alot of the attention should be focused as those articles are heavily lacking content. Mostly the cylon articles are lacking content. All of you are welcome to add more to what needs to be by adding your comment at the bottom.

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Pawn0 o Pawn0 o 8 July 2013

Promoting the wiki

The wikia is in a good state of work, more can definitively be added. It should be a reasonable priority at the moment to try and promote ourselves so that our content is seen more times. Afterall, whats the point of this content if nobody knows where it is? Thats why we should promote and grow our community. So say we all!

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Pawn0 o Pawn0 o 13 January 2013

2013,bsgo going forward

I hope all of you have had wonderful and joyus celebrations. The game it seems to be in better hands, we can only hope. This in turn means that we shall have more work as the game will be changed and re written. More people shall be required to help out in the wiki. That in turn means more promotions and eventually a community shall form here. I think that it is about time the game has gotten a decent update. We shall see the new skills of the new dev team, good luck to everyone.

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Iannguizx Iannguizx 8 September 2012

Hi guys

hey guys.

Play Tauron.

Play Cylons

Nothing else here.


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EmeraldWolf EmeraldWolf 12 July 2012

Weekly Blog 1 - What needs doing?

Hey all, after some minor peer pressure I've decided to do a weekly blog to help my 'Staff' know what needs doing on the wiki. So this is it, a list of things to do this week and over the weekend.

  • The main thing that needs is that the ship pages need completing and pictures need taking. I spent a good 16 hours getting all those pages created with information, so I needs you all to keep the pages to the basic template I created. Not the type of template with code, but what it should look like is that your first paragraph should be a description of the ship in your own words. People love to read others opinions on a ship (all edits to it should first be directed on the talk page, then after confirmation from us lot the edit is made, ONLY to t…
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Pawn0 o Pawn0 o 3 July 2012

Colonial week

Colonial week is gearing up to be a very good event if not awsome. First is the free ftls in which I bought a halberd. Second is that this wikia is coming along fine. We can always use more people but its coming along fine. Im almost done with the colonial side, if a faction switch does happen on my server it will be interesting to see the cylon side.

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Pawn0 o Pawn0 o 17 June 2012

Its summer!

Summer: Yea I know its a bit late to be yelling about that its summer and that now we can relax but, now we have a wonderful oportunity to work on our wiki. We have already made great leaps in getting a nicer looking frontpage, worked a bit on the adv ship pages. We still have a problem, not enough users want to be on this website. why? Do they not like the formatting? As always feel free to post your ideas and comments at the bottom of this blog post.

Staff Name colors:

I suggest adding coloring to the names of the staff, admins could have one color such as green, mods yellow and rollbackers orange. With the color coding users will be able to know that the users with a certain color have more power and they can seek assistance from them.


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Pawn0 o Pawn0 o 1 June 2012

Boredom (had to look up to find spelling)

It kills wikis, it murders them silently and slowly. It seeps out a poison that saps away all willpower to work. it drains all the the most zealous editors of the ability to create articles and do what they love. This has killed many wikis I have been on and its not a good sign when it starts appearing here. Without a set list of what to do next I feel lost and unable to work consistently. Its often what drives me away from a wiki I have spent hours working on, and it provides the most horrible and disgusting feeling. A feeling of despair and anger at being unable to focus on the task at hand. Or just maybe, I need to go to sleep....

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Pawn0 o Pawn0 o 29 May 2012

Hello fellow Colonials!

All of you are Colonials right? If not why are you here toaster!

hmm some info about me, I enjoy working on wikis and making them really nice looking. If you notice the new front page that was me. If you think it sucks then your a cylon disguised as a Colonial. I really look forward to having feedback on what I have done so far and to improve on it. I have worked on a couple of wikis, one of them I am admin on. If you want to see some of my work just hit my profile and see my recent wikis. I have to admit though my work now is better than it was before as I have taken formal classes to ensure I can create excellent wikis. The class was terribly boring though, they taught noob things you can lean in a day editing wikis. Too bad for me it was…

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EmeraldWolf EmeraldWolf 27 April 2012


Hey folks,

I'm going to be posting a thread on the forums asking for more information on AI, such as amount of weapons and level weapons, to be used on the wiki. Until they respond please create small tables on each ship page outlining the AI(name, health and power).



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Kremlin16 Kremlin16 20 April 2012

Pages Created by me

I like to follow the development of any pages I create very closely to ensure they keep a neutral, unbiased, professional tone to them, and make sure the information is factual. When you create a page, you feel kinda responsiable for it ya' know? Like you have to protect it from trolls and stuff.

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Erex Malren Erex Malren 10 April 2012

Images Needed

Ok guys I may not be an admin yet....but I do know there are images we need before the other wiki has is the following:

  • Maps
  • In game Menus
  • Wing Menu
  • Weapon/Item Icons
  • And many more
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EmeraldWolf EmeraldWolf 16 March 2012


300 Edits at long last. Justing writing to say thanks tp Anitha and co for there hard work on the wiki.

This wiki realy could go somewhere.

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EmeraldWolf EmeraldWolf 10 February 2012

Wiki Progress

Hey I'm just writing this to say that the wiki has a bit more work to do before it gets anywhere so lets get some editors...

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