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The Battlestar Galactica was one of the first twelve battlestars built during the first Cylon War. She survived the war, and as time passed, was retrofitted with upgrades, although her computer systems were never networked. Her final commander, William Adama refused to integrate Galactica's computers with the Command Navigation Program, invented by Dr. Gaius Baltar, citing his belief that networked computers left a ship vulnerable.

Galactia was 50 years old at the time of the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies, and was in the process of undergoing formal decommissioning when the attack occurred. Her starboard launch pod had been re-outfitted as a Cylon War museum just prior to the attack. Many were on board to attend the formal decommissioning ceremony when the attack occurred.

Because the Cylons were able to hack into most Colonial military computers at the time of the attack, most Battlestars and all Viper Mark VIIs were disabled and destroyed by the Cylons. The Galactica, thanks to Adama's refusal to allow any networked computers to be placed onboard, was not destroyed. Additionally, the outdated Viper Mark IIs which had been placed in the museum were made operational quickly, and used for defense of the ship.

The Galactica went on to defend the survivors of the Colonial Fleet until their arrival at Earth.

The Galactica is permanently located in the Alpha Ceti system in the game with the rest of the Colonial Fleet.

The Combat Information Centre, or CIC, is the in-game interface where Colonial players may interact with Admiral William Adama, Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama, Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace and/or Galen Tyrol to: get new daily assignments; turn in daily assignments; purchase/upgrade ships; purchase items; do the game's tutorial missions; and sell water. The other characters in the CIC players are unable to interact with.

Unlike the Battlestar Pegasus, the Galactica is not available for use by players. Following the events in the game's introductory mission, the Galactica (like the rest of the ships of the fleet) has a high power loss and is unable to use it's FTL systems or drives.