Battlespace is a special star system located in the Veil Sector. This system is only accessible by Colonial and Cylon players who are at levels 1-9. It is not accessed via the sector map, but by clicking on the Battlespace Icon which is part of the player's head's up display (see picture below). To enter or leave Battlespace ,players click on the icon, which will commence an FTL jump for the player's ship. This jump can be done when a player is docked at an Outpost/Basestar/Battlestar. When the player seeks to exit Battlespace, their FTL jump will return them to where they were docked before entering Battlespace.

As stated, this system is restricted to players level 1-9 and is designed as a place where low level players may engage in player v player combat against other players who are of a commensurate skill and equipment level, without fear of being attacked by high level players.

This system contains the following Colonial npc ships: Viper Mark II (Level 3), Raptor (Level 3), Rhino (Level 3), and Viper Mark VII (Level 23). These ships may be found approximately between F3 and G3 on the system map.

In this system you will find the following Cylon npc ships: Cylon Raider (Level 3), Heavy Raider (Level 3), Marauder (Level 3), and War Raider (Level 23). These ships may be found approximately between B3 and C3 on the system map.

This system also contains Level 5 Failing Seeker Drones, Level 5 Failing Sentry Drones, and light interdiction weapons platforms. The drones may be found near the weapons platforms.

Things of particular note this system contains:

  1. 2 Level 12 weapons platforms.
  2. 2 planetoids.

The planetoids in this system contain a maximum yield of approximately 15,000 units of a resource, usually tylium or titanium. The asteroids in this system are not scannable by a mineral analysis scanner and are unable to be mined. However they are a navigational hazard and can be collided with.

System RestrictionsEdit

Only players who are levels 1-9 may enter this system. Players level 10 and higher are unable to access this system at all.

2D Map of the systemEdit

Battlespace System Map

Battlespace star system

Battlespace System Map Legend

3D Map of the systemEdit

Please note, the 3D map is more up to date (created April 2015).

Battlespace 3D System Map


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