Advanced Hel
Hel No 06.png
Ship Information
Level Requirement


Purchase Cost

Mini Cubit Icon.png 60,000 cubits




Command Class


Advanced Vanir

Equipment Slots
Advanecd Hel Systems.png








Hull Systems
Hull Points


Hull Recovery



Mini Titanium Icon.png 70,000



Critical Defense


Engine Systems


Turning Speed

9 Deg/sec.

Turning Acceleration

9 Deg/Sec²

Inertial Compensation

50 M/Sec.


2 M/Sec²


27.5 M/Sec.

Boost Speed

42.5 M/Sec.

Boost Cost

5.4 Tyl/Sec.

FTL Systems
FTL Range

11 LY

FTL Charge

25 Secs.

FTL Cost

250 Tyl/LY

Computer Systems


Power Recharge


Firewall Rating


Emitter Rating


Dradis Range

4,000 M

Visual Range

1,000 M

The Advanced Hel is the upgraded version of the Hel, the Command class line ship for the Cylon fleet. It costs 60,000 cubits and upon advancement receives: 2 weapons slots; 1 computer slot; 1,050 hull points; 15.6 per second to hull recovery; 35,000 to durability; 250 to power; and 2 per second to power recovery.  Following game update 46, the Advanced Hel's power now surpasses that of the Advanced Fenrir and Advanced Nidhogg. This upgrade sees the Hel reach its maximum potential: A fleet support or attack vessel that can hold it's own against most opponents due to it's increased hull, weapon slots, computer slots and power.

Hack into enemy vessels at their peril, or support your own fleet in combat! The Advanced Hel  is also a fantastic missile ship, with it's ability to hold five auxiliary power nexuses and/or high density capacitor nexuses. Be warned that the blindspot at the rear of the ship is not covered well enough by the two additional weapon slots received, but use the additional computer slot to your advantage, flushing your enemies out of your blindspot with the Cassiopeia module or Avionics support modules.

Remember that the Advanced Hel  is still a command ship, a support ship, if you like, and isn't destined to go headlong into combat. The Advanced Hel, just like its unadvanced counterpart, has the second smallest amount of base Hull Points within it's group, with Advanced Hel pilots struggling to see the ship for past 6,500 Hull Points, a level easily surmountable by the Jormung and Nidhogg

The Advanced Hel has the most ways of attacking players at it's disposal of all the line ships, and indeed all of the sub-capital ships (With 8 weapons + 5 Computers = 13 ways of attack), and remember it's role. Modify your ship to fit E-War, E-Support or Missile Boat roles. The Advanced Hel, being a command ship, is the most difficult of all the Lines to master, due to it not having the best avoidance or speed which the Fenrir does, hull or armour like the Jormung, or weapons capabilities like the Nidhogg, but it can be perhaps the most dangerous lines of all in the right hands.

Use the Hel to destroy your enemies' morale, or to bolster your own forces, and send your opponents to hell!

There is a role Bonus of -200 to power cost for use of FTL Transponders by the Advanced Hel.

In-game Description[edit | edit source]

"A recovered Hel that has undergone more extensive recoding and interface configuration to make full use of their advanced processing and emitter plexuses, along with additional reconstruction to incorporate the latest update to Cylon ship manufacture and engineering techniques.

The Advanced Hel's hull is stronger and more durable than the standard version, and it can mount additional weapon and computer systems.

Role Bonus - Command: -200 to power cost for FTL Transponders."

Paint Icon.png Available Paints[edit | edit source]

  • Hel - Corruption.png Corruption
  • Banshee-Hel-Liche - Dark Camo.png Dark Camo
  • Default Paint.png Default
  • Cyl - Gold.png Gold
  • Cyl - Longest Night.png Longest Night

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