Hey all admins on the wiki and all else who is curious to read this. Now I've decided lay down some basic rules for our admins on this wiki. As you may know, I'm the creator of this wiki as I have been for other wikis and constantly I see things that rather annoy me. The first would most likely doing wiki changing edits without even bothering to inform me beforehand or even after you have made the edit. You just leave it for me to find out, which in all honesty, bugs the hell out of me. So for now, I'm locking the main page so only you admins can edit it. That does mean a certain someone gets a promotion (you know who you are ;] ).

Too many a time has my wiki's been destroyed due to careless edits. It may be due to my carelessness but usually its because I promote careless people as admins. So after some thinking, I'm laying down the house rules for you all. It may seem like I'm being a douche but it needs to be done, I'm afraid.


  1. Most likely the most important, Do not make wiki changing edits without informing me BEFORE YOU MAKE THE EDIT. You may think that you know what you're doing because you did it on a separate website long ago. Remember wikia changes often so what you did then may not work now, please follow these following steps...
    • Step 1: Create a new page called sandbox_yourusername and test your idea there.
    • Step 2: If it works then contact me via my message box and tell me all about it, then send me the code. I will then test it myself.
    • Step 3: If all goes well, I'l send the code back with the changes that my be there and you can upload it. Simple ain't it.
  2. Do not abuse your powers. Just because your an admin does not mean you are god of the wiki, hell I'm not even near the top. Wikia admins are the boss and they make the rules about your powers. Do not simply ban people to stop annoying debates, it shows that you can't even try to talk about taking it somewhere else.
  3. Create a user page about yourself. You are an admin so you must be a leader of sorts to editors. You can't get that respect if you don't even have a user page.

These are just a few rules you MUST follow. Disobeying these rules will lead to a strike against you, three strikes and your demoted. At the end of each month your record is wiped so you won't be demoted for something you did a long time ago.

Sorry if it seems like i'm being harsh but it needs to be done, I'm not losing another wiki.

Thanks for reading.

PS: I'l add to this if needed.

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