47 Tartalon is a star system in the Veil Sector which is permanently under the control of the Cylon Fleet. With a threat level of 0 for Cylon players (it is 256 for Colonial players), this system only has Cylon npc ships in it, there are no Colonial npc ships nor drones in the system. Cylon players will not be attacked in this system.

Things of particular note this system contains: 

  1. 47 Tartalon Base Base: This is where Cylon players may - buy new/upgrade ships, buy items, repair ships. A Number Eight/Sharon is in charge of the base. This is a permanent base and is unaffected by system control. Otherwise, the base is is just like any other Cylon Outpost (including the time delay in changing ships and undocking), except you can dock with the base from any distance in the system.
  2. Secondary Basestar: Stationed here normally to guard the base on 47 Tartalon and the carrier drydock, the ship may be rented for use by Cylon players (talk to Number One/Cavil to do so). It should be noted you are unable to dock with this Basestar, unlike the one in 242 Apollid.
  3. Carrier Drydock: This is where Cylon carriers are constructed.
  4. Cylon Light Freighter.

The asteroids in this system may contain tylium and titanium. Some of the asteroids are located behind the moon on which the base is located.

You can fly completely around the moon in this system.

Please note, there is no 3D Map of the system currently available

System RestrictionsEdit

Colonial players are unable to enter the system. Colonial Outposts will not spawn in the system. An unlimited number of Surturs may be in this system at any one time.

2D Map of the systemEdit

47 Tartalon System Map

47 Tartalon star system

System Map Legend
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