242 Apollid is a star system in the Veil Sector which is permanently under Cylon control. This is because it is where the Cylon Fleet is located. As such this sector has a threat level of 0 for Cylon players (for Colonial players it is 256). There are no other ships here except for the Basestar and the rest of the Cylon Fleet. Cylon players will not be attacked in this system.

Things of particular note this system contains:

  1. Basestar.
  2. Cylon Fleet.

The asteroids in this system may contain tyliumtitanium and water. The asteroids only yield around 80-110 units of any particular resource.

No Freighter in Distress Dynamic Mission will spawn in this system.

Please note there is no 3D Map of this system available.

System RestrictionsEdit

Colonial players are unable to enter the system. Colonial Outposts will not spawn in the system. An unlimited number of Surturs may be in this system at any one time.

2D Map of the systemEdit

242 Apollid System Map
242 Apollid System Map Legend
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